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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Beware of Airtel - 3

This was a mail I'd sent later on the same day (April 23rd)

The story until now:
Beware of Airtel - Prologue
Beware of Airtel - 1
Beware of Airtel - 2


More updates:

Called at 4.15 PM. I was told by the guy who picked up the phone that he cannot connect me to Ms. Kaveri "for security reasons" :)
I told him to connect me to whoever was his supervisor, so I got Mr. Mehul on the line.

I finally have a tangible update. I apparently have a complaint number now!
It's 0421499011. He has given me "100% assurance" that my outgoing facility will be up and running by 4.30 PM tomorrow.