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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beware of Airtel - Prologue

I'll be posting a series of problems I faced with Airtel. These are complaint mails I had written to them which (not surprisingly) fell on deaf ears. I'll also be posting the complaints of a few other friends of mine to Airtel. I'm considering creating a separate blog for this and am inviting write ups from anyone who has faced an issue with Airtel that was handled badly or left unresolved. I'd been a loyal customer of Airtel. But not anymore. They've left me pretty disillusioned.

Not only did they take 6 days to activate my sim card, they also went ahead and deactivated my outgoing in a few days on account of "my documents being rejected". Get this, the reason for rejection was because the buggers at Airtel Office, Mahim actually LOST my documents. The careless service executives had also done a worse muck-up a few days earlier. You'll read that on my post. Today, they descended to the cheap depths of rendering even my incoming out-of-service.

All this might have been solved if I just visited an Airtel Gallery (for the nth time) and re-submitted my documents (which they so conveniently lost in the first place). But that would just mean that the whole issue gets swept under the carpet. And no one would take ownership for the problem. There has been absolutely no accountability in Airtel Customer Service. Here is my sincere request to anyone planning to buy a new connection.

Avoid Airtel like the Plague! (Especially if you are in Mumbai.)

I'm prepared to add a new post, or even remove this one*, provided everyone mentioned in the mail calls me up or mails me, and apologises for their pathetic service. I will definitely update this blog as and when I receive ANY form of communication from them. As of now, not a single person from the Mumbai circle has even as much as responded to my mails.

I'd also like to mention my friend at Airtel Chennai who has been trying so hard to reach the right people and get my problem resolved. I'm really grateful to him for all the troubles he's taken to solve a problem that has no connection to him whatsoever.

* Removal of these series of posts entails a resolution of my problem in 48 hours without troubling me in anyway. Of course, the condition of the apology calls/mails stays.