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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beware of Airtel - 2

This was my second mail to my friend. He promptly forwarded it to the people concerned. Nope, no responses then too.

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Take the patience you display as you read through that epic rant and multiply it by 121. That's how much patience I've had to exhibit so far. Not anymore.

So here's mail 2!

23rd April, 2009

I called up customer care as they didnt get back to me by 1 PM as they'd committed.

Mr. Prashanth, the team lead, had told me last night that I'd get a message from Airtel regarding the status on both my numbers (Mumbai and Chennai) by 1. If I didn't receive a message by then, I could call up customer care and ask for him. I gave them a leeway of 45 minutes after 1 and then called. Mr. Prashanth, to no surprise in retrospect, wasn't on the floor because it wasn't his shift. Though I appreciate his gesture of trying to be personally accountable, I think the gesture would make a lot more sense if the accountability is taken when he is actually at work!

I reached Ms. Kaveri, the escalation officer. She, as usual, asked me to visit an Airtel Gallery. I explained why that's not possible and how Mr. Prashanth had given me a committment. She tried to reach him over his personal contact number and said he wasn't picking up the phone. When I asked her if there was any reply from Mahim office to the mail Mr. Prashanth sent them yesterday, she said they haven't replied yet. I thought my previous job in IT paid me most for the least work, but I guess these guys sitting in Mahim office have a better deal. They seem to get paid for doing no work at all. I can't help but be judgemental about these folks.

Ms. Kaveri told me she could raise a complaint from her end, with a lead time of 9 hours. I asked her how she could claim accountability, when in 9 hours, her shift would be over and she'd be long gone. She didn't have a reply to that. I've given her until 4 PM to reach Mr. Prashanth and get back to me.

That's all for the current status update. Further bulletin as events warrant!