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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crash Course to Adulthood

First Week of May:
Afternoonish: Pulambify to friend. "Cha, why are our parents like this? Plane la kootitu poradhu thaan poraanga.. adha oru nenaivu iruka time la kootitu polaam la? 2 yr old ku enna nyabagam irukka pogudhu!"

May 11th:
2 PM - Pulambify to friend. "I don't like this. I'm now officially an adult with no subclauses.
We're now entering the world of resposibilities! I dun wanna!!!"

5 PM - Cousin calls. "I've an urgent work that needs to be done by Tuesday morning. I want you to come to Bangalore pronto!"

6 PM - Cousin calls back. "I've booked your flight ticket. Check your mail!"

6:02 PM - I grin like a maniac.

11:30 PM - Realise I haven't packed yet. An 8 o'clock flight meant I needed to be there at 6:30. Which meant I needed to leave by 5:45 at least.

11:34 PM - Finish packing!

May 12th:
5 AM - Wake up.

5:20 AM - Do something I hope I never have to do again. Have a bath so early!

5:30 AM - Sit on the sofa, twiddling my thumb. Say "6 ku kelambarene ma?"

5:40 AM - Get kicked out of the house.

5:45 AM - Catch auto. Think, "hmmm, 6:30 ku poi saendhudalaam."

6 AM - Autokaaran says "vandhaachu saar!" I was supposed to say WTF, but I'm a good boy you see.. So I don't. :)

The next 20 minutes - Walk up and down outside the gate, looking for any place to wait. Find none. But find Coffee Day! One vaailiye nozhayadha coffee name later, walk up and down again.

6:20 AM - Go to the security guard. He says, "come at 7". I sit on the railing outside the gate.

6:23 AM - A gal sits next to me. Another opposite me. Lucky, you say? One looks as if she'd beat me up. The other blows a smoke ring in my face!

7 AM - After over half an hour of twiddling my thumbs, listening to Radio Mirchi, messaging a coupla friends (bless them for getting up early!), I notice the noticeboard kinda thingy. It says flight delayed to 10:15. Damn!!!

7:10 AM - being the complete idiot that I am, I enter the gate, and lose all modes of entertainment. Continuously playing FM takes a toll on the battery.

The next 50 minutes - Walk up and down the airport!

8:00 AM - Go to the place called Port Lounge. Eat a 5 Re Samosa for Rs.20. Drink a 15 Re Tropicana for Rs.30. Make a mental note to open a shop inside the airport.

8:15 AM - Approach the lady who looks like a wedding cake. You could stick a one-inch nail into her face and still not touch skin! Be told the flight's postponed to 11:30 :( Some technical glitch in Kolkatta. The same plane's supposed to go to Bangalore half an hour after reaching Chennai.

Next one and a half hours - Listen to FM, chat with friends, drain the battery completely and go searching for a charging point.

9:20 AM - Find charging point. Put the converter thingy.*

* I've got a new N72 :) err, not so new now. It uses another charger that's got a tiny pin thingy. So they'd given me a converter that acts like an adapter to use the normal Nokia charger. Made no sense? Free leave!

9:45 AM - Look at the TV screen and rub my eyes in disbelief. Naah, it couldn't have been. Must've been a trick of light. Wait patiently for the update to come again. DAMN! It wasn't an illusion. The flight really was delayed to 18:30!!!!!

The next 15 minutes - Pick up a fight with the SpiceJet people. Argue that a delay of over 8 hours was three much. Insist on a full refund. No subtract 600 bucks and keep the rest in the SpiceJet account shit. Complete refund. Succeed. :)

10 AM - Ask those guys that I need to get to Bangalore ASAP. They say there's a Jet Airways flight in half an hour.

10:10 AM - Buy a ticket for the 11:30 flight to Bangalore. I must be the only nutcase to risk buying a ticket using a debit card!

10:20 AM - Realise I've left my converter at the charging station itself. Go there to find a 1100 attached to it. I ask the lady there if the converter was already there when she came. She says yes, and that the point doesn't work. I remove the converter and hook her phone to the original charger. She gives me a sheepish grin. :)

10:30 AM - Manage to lose my converter again! :(

10:40 AM - Get my boarding pass. The lady there asks if I'd like a window seat or aisle. I say I've got no preferences. But she must've seen my eyes light up when she said window and she books a window seat! I then slap my forehead thinking the aisle would've given me a better view of the air hostesses! I later** find out, I didn't miss much.

Next 50 minutes - Watch Dhoni and Gambhir hit scorching shots to the fielders.

11:32 AM - Padathula perusu perusa planes paarthuttu, pretty disappointed at the size of this one. Felt like I was climbing into a toy plane.

11:35 AM - ** that later is now!

11:40 AM - Look at the air hostess mime the actions as a voice booms out the instructions from the speakers. She gestures moving here hand like a robot to indicate the aisle and the exits. All of a sudden a song pops into my head. Ooraaram Puliyamaram from Paruthiveeran. Her actions were freakishly synchronised to the tune. I bite my tongue to keep myself from smiling or laughing. And just as the nadhaswaram bit plays in my head, she blows air into the lifejacket. I let out a guffaw! She throws me a nasty stare! Or did I imagine that?

Next 45 minutes - Wonder why I'm not feeling airsick. Look at the food served to me. Something yellow and powdery, as if yellow idlis and bread pieces had been mashed together in a mixer. Wonder what it's called. Apparently the caterers didn't know either. It was labelled "South Indian Snack". The tray kept sliding down the desk thingy. The same air hostess I'd laughed at gave me a sadistic smile, but her sense of duty overcame here personal feelings as she placed a booklet underneath the food tray to stop it from sliding. And then gave me another smile that clearly said, "mavane, thevai da unakku!"

12:30 PM - Land in Bangalore and go straight to my cousin's office to work.

Next 2 hours : Do a bit of work, and think about what's been happening. Hardly a week back, I was wondering when I'd get a chance to fly, and now I already had. Hardly 24 hours back, I'd wondered how I was going to fit into an adult's shoes.

Though I hate to admit it, seemed like now I already had. The shoes were very uncomfortable, just for the record.

2:30 PM - Reach home, and heave a sigh of relief that I'd made it to Bangalore in one piece. Bozo comes bounding and leaves a straight line rip on my tee-shirt. So much for one piece!

I'd typed this long back. Draft la save panni vechu post panna marandhuten! Yeah yeah, idhukku post pannaamaye irundhurukalaam. I know.

My training starts on June 11th. In Hyderabad!! Kadavul thaan enna kaapathanam.