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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recurring Michael Jackson Syndrome - II

[Sorry! I forgot to put a "To Be Continued" message in my last post. Aparam orae bijee aaitena, wasn't able to conclude the story at all. But ippo panneeten. Read on.. ]

Chapter 5

Allwyn woke up the next morning in bed wondering why his head was filled with lead. (Rhyme ellam thaana varum.. no no, no applause.. it's ok). It all came rushing back to him, like a St. Bernard to the master of the house. It knocked him down all over again, as he groaned. Dr. Jill had said she loved him. Not 'crush'. Not 'feelings for him'. LOVE! Damn her. He didn't know what to say and had muttered he needed to sleep over it and that she'd have his reply the next morning. And he went ahead and got himself sloshed.

Now it was time for him to give her a reply, and he wasn't even sure what he was going to say. "Hell, All.. Do something.", he told himself, "Do what a rational adult in a serious adult situation in a mature adult world would do."

One round of Eeny Meeny Myney Mo later, Jill's answering machine had one new message saying "Jill? This is All. I'm in!".


Chapter 6

Jill started taking extra special care of Allwyn. She had to repeatedly remind him that he meant the world to her, and confirm that she indeed was in love with him. It wasn't too difficult convincing him though, as she found out one day, when Allwyn, all of a sudden, asked "Do you really love me?". Panic gripped her, as she stammered, "Of.. of.. of course, All! In fact, every morning, I fall in love with you all over again!". Allwyn's eyebrows almost became one, as he looked at her suspiciously and asked, "How do I believe you fell for me?"

Jill had a resigned look on her face as she sighed and slowly began lifting her skirt. Allwyn's eyes widened, and he hurriedly said "Ok! I believe you!".

He had noticed the bandage on her knee. (Gotcha, you pervert!)

Chapter 7

As the weeks rolled by, Jill started to find the lovey-dovey act quite tiring. Allwyn, in contrast, was slipping into his new role very comfortably. He'd only wanted to test how far the relationship would go. And now, he realised he was falling in love with her too. "So this is what love feels like!", he'd often tell her, raising her guilt meter a few more notches.

Things took a sharp turn once again. The skin condition was back! Allwyn started to grow paler, till he reached a complexion so fair, that had he been in my school, he'd have earned the nickname "Vellai Panni". Jill was extremely excited about it. It was strange enough that his skin had turned white once. It was stranger still, when the condition disappeared as suddenly as it came. What were the odds that it could repeat itself all over again!

The frequency of "Not tonight, All.", gradually increased, much to Allwyn's consternation, along with "I need to do a little more work on this. Now that you're white again, my chances of finding the cause have gone up. I can't let this go!". Allwyn's suspicions reared their heads again as he began to wonder whether Jill loved him or his skin condition.

Oh, and they had a name for it now. Recurring Michael Jackson Syndrome. "Unimaginative, yes. But that's the best we could come up with!", Jill had shrugged.

Chapter 8

Jill's gut feeling had proved true. Allwyn's melanin levels did seem to vary with his mood and emotions. She was on the verge of cracking the case. She called up Allwyn and excitedly shrieked, "I think I've almost done it! I'd been preparing a thesis on your condition, and I've almost reached a conclusion. All that needs to be done is for Dr. Derma Karen to verify my findings!! She said she'd do that as soon as she's back from Germany next week. I'm feeling so happy! Can you come over? I want you here. NOW!".

Allwyn didn't care a damn about anything else other than the fact that there was an urgency in her voice when she'd called him over to her place, and the fact that she was extremely happy. "Jackpot!", his mind screamed, as he zipped to her place in double quick time. "I'm on my way, sweetie.", he said, "I'll be there in half an hour." He was only five minutes away from her place. He'd given her a false sense of extra time hoping to surprise her.

There was surprise, alright. He walked into her apartment, only to catch her speaking to someone on the phone. "No Dolly, of course not! I don't love him! I had no other choice. How else do you think I could've got close to him and keep him monitored all the time? If he knew I'd been performing tests on him even as he slept..."

"All!", she gasped, as she noticed him in the room and dropped the receiver.

Chapter 9

A few days passed. Allwyn was beyond heart-broken. He'd turned cynical. Earlier he'd wondered if he'd ever experience true love. Now he knew it was impossible. Oh, and he'd turned black again!

A few more days passed. It had taken that long for Jill to destroy each and every piece of paper of painstaking research she'd done on this case. She could forget about her thesis submission. She had a moral obligation to send Dr. Derma Karen a mail about her findings. It didn't take her long to type it. After she hit send, she packed her bags and left.

No one knew where.

Chapter 10

Dr. Derma Karen opened her inbox in curious anticipation of Jill's mail. It was time for the world to find out about the only ever known case of Recurring Michael Jackson Syndrome. As she clicked on Jill's mail whose subject read "Allwyn Kelvinator - RJMS - Conclusive Report", she thought it was vulgar to feel so childishly excited, especially considering that she was one of the most renowned and respected specialists in her field.

"Dear Dr. Karen," the mail read, "All is fair in love and war."


[Yeah. NOW it's over. :) ]