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Monday, October 16, 2006

7 Up - Lemon Bite

How many of you have seen the new 7-Up Lemon Bite ad? I found it hilarious! Not so much for its storyboard or execution, as for its ironic goof up.

First you see a truck cleaner tell the driver that the lemon from their truck is missing.
Then he says that the lemons from all the trucks are missing and they all wonder where they disappeared.
Next you see Fido throw in a bunch of lemons into a glass.
(No, you're not supposed to wonder how the lemons look so clean if they've been taken from the underside of a truck)
He closes it with another glass and shakes it up well.
Voila, it turns into a bottle of 7-Up Lemon Bite.

And that's exactly when they flash the message "Contains no fruit. Contains artificial flavouring."

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ek gaon mein...

Ten days out of Tamil Nadu is enough to make even those comfortable with Hindi sweat a bit. But ten days of kadichu thuppufying Hindi, framing "shudhdh" sentences in your brain and saying something so totally different that you see ur Hindi Teacher's face clearly in your mind, slapping her forehead and clenching her teeth in anguish, is enough to make you forget Tamil for a while. In fact, the first thing I said when I landed at Chennai Central was "Hey!! Everyone's speaking tamil!"

But some instances of "Ek Gaon Mein Ek Kisaan Raghu Thaatha" stay clearly in your mind. Like at the hotel in Mahabaleshwar.

We'd arranged for breakfast, and they served coffee along with it. A few coffee-haters (yup, they exist!) wanted plain milk instead. Andy (remember him from the Ascendas episode?) ushaar pannified a cup of milk and sat and drank it with a very contented smile on his face. If he had whiskers, I'd have half expected him to say meow after polishing the cup off.

That's when G, another classmate, observed that it was possible to get milk. He went around asking people who wanted plain milk, probably to gather company in case the hotel staff snubbed him. (Naah, I'm kidding.. he was just being helpful!) After a couple of rounds around the dining tables, he figured he had two more for company.

And so he went up to the waiting hotel staff, and said, "Moonu paal kudunga". The chap blinked back. G hesitated, and repeated once more.. "moonu paal?". More blinking. That's when realisation dawned on him. "Ada cha!", he slapped his forehead, "ivanga kitta hindi la pesanam la!!".

He restated his reqest with renewed vigour. "Theen paal please".