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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Silly fellows!

I honestly don't know why people spend half their lifetime searching for the meaning of life. I found it in 2 seconds.

Here you go!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Saffron, White, Green and Black

Happy b'day, Babe*!

*Independent India ba..

Bye, Witchu :(

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kids say the darndest things

Going back to school and meeting my old teachers was fun. Especially my LKG teacher.

She was telling me about this innocent little kid in her class. He was probably the first student who'd ever asked her a doubt in LKG. And she said with regret, that she didn't have an answer to the question to this day.

She was taking Alphabet class for the first LKG batch in the school, when the kid in question piped up. "Miss", he asked in all earnest, pointing to a letter on the board, "why is it called Double U when it looks like two V's placed side by side?"

The innocent kiddo passed LKG in flying colours, probably getting 26 on 26! :)
But he wasn't done yet. He went up to her and said, "I've gone to UKG and you are still in LKG. No promotion for you, miss?"

The kid, unfortunately has been missing for 16 years now. Last seen, he was wearing a white shirt, navy blue shorts, disproportionate socks, a band-aid on the right leg and an extremely sad look on his face.

If found, please ask him where all his innocence went. :(
And please do tell him a way to avoid the process of growing up. I bet he was more fun as a kid.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bloody Insult!!!

Asinga padutheetaan! :(

Thursday, August 03, 2006

SOKa keedhu!

They say patience pays. At times, nagging pays better!

"We've got the stock, sir. The official audio release is tomorrow. You can come now and collect your copy though." Jus' the thing I wanted to hear after a hard day. Was there in a flash and back! Too much anticipation had gone into this album. I was telling myself, "A Rahman album after a long while, just enjoy the moment and the music. Don't worry about what people will think of it. Doesn't matter even if it's crappy". Less than half way into the album, I smiled. It was not as much a smile of relief, as it was of realisation that my fears were unwarranted. Sheer genius was smiling back at me through my CD player.

Sillunu Oru Kadhal

I didn't take to the name change too well. "Jillunu" sounded much better. And tax exemption was such a stupid reason. They were gonna spend that amount on creating new banners and posters and CD covers, anyway! After listening to the music, I don't care if they change it to "Naatha, neengal en kaadhalar" or whatever. I've got what I wanted, perhaps more.

1. Ammi Mithichaachu/Kummi Adi
Seergazhi Sivachidambaram doing his Odakaara Marimuthu routine!
Beatific Smile Moment 1 : When I hear beats simulated by the choir themselves.
Naresh Iyer has firmly found a foothold in Rahman's camp. Bloody versatile, he is.
(I suspect the choir's still doing their dhumpichuk bit!)
Theni Kunjaramma's funny!
And Swarnalatha, evergreen. The pattikaatu pronunciations, the twinkling laughter, the higher octaves, she carries them all off with elan.
My second favourite kiddo's there too. Vignesh. (Pooja tops that list.. Hope she sings in Guru! )
Peppy! Lovin' it..

2. Munbe Va
How can someone have such a pristine voice? (Must search for Shreya fan club in Orkut!)
"Rango-Rangoli" adds oodles of charm to the song.
I can't make up my mind whether to feel happy that Rahman's found a talent like Naresh, or feel sad at the fact that Karthik's been edged out in the process.
Beautifully ended.

3. Maja Maja
Matter paatu ba!
Shreya's second sexy song after Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudhu. How can someone have such a pristine voice that still maintains its virginal purity while singing matter paatu too?! (Don't worry. I won't ask this again. No more songs for her in this album!)
SPB Charan seems to be in a errr.. stronger mood (for want of words!) than his dad was in Thazhuvudhu Nazhuvudhu! Lots of experimentation, lots of ummm.. involvement! :)
At times I wonder if this is a thamizh song, or telugu. Had to really strain hard to realise it was thamizh!
You might think I hated this song after reading all this.. You're wrong!

4. Machakaari
The song that made the highest jump in my preference level from the samples to the original CD.
Brilliant brilliant start! What a way to flag off a song!
Vasundhara Das, hasn't lost her touch. No one else could have done justice to this track.
Shankar Mahadevan in fresh avatar. Mixing gruff energy with silky classical touches, the man's in a groove.
Beatific Smile Moment 2 : The "Ma ma ma he maamu", bit!
Oriental modulations, western beats, aggressive humming, semi-aalaaps, this one's got it all.
I'm outta breath just listening to it, Surya's gonna have a tough time dancing! :)

5. New York
My new favourite in this album. And the most magical, in my opinion.
Beatific Smile Moment fixed till end of song!
Very stylish string arrangements. Very western, very beautiful.
I'm glad Rahman's taking his singing seriously these days.
Amidst the funky techno sounding loop, the static crackling of the radio and the sound of a chopper taking off, the soulful rendition takes flight. Straight into your heart.
A coupla gals take care of the harmony, a la, Dil Se. This might make it to my alltime faves!
Like Ferro, a Tanhayee-like imagery came to mind. Semmaya irukkum apadi picturise pannina!
God-level stuff.

6. Maaricham
Voila, we have a new Anupama!
Super Beats.
Very Powerful singing.
Someone please tell me what she's singing, though!
The only part I understood was when she calls out "Goutham, Goutham", like a certain Ms. Mohini at midnight :)
Incomprehensible (to me), yet catchy!

7. Jillunu Oru Kadhal
Jazz makes a comeback.
It's ironic that inspite of Tanvi's kadichu thuppufying of the language, this was the song I understood every word of!
Takes guts to come up with a score like this.
The song most in my class hate, the song that caught my attention first!
Love the jazz and the liberal old-age feel sprinkled all over the song.

Totally addicted to the album. If someone gets their hands on the lyrics, please pass a copy this way! Thanks..

Verdict? Naah, just advice. Go grab your copy!