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Monday, October 16, 2006

7 Up - Lemon Bite

How many of you have seen the new 7-Up Lemon Bite ad? I found it hilarious! Not so much for its storyboard or execution, as for its ironic goof up.

First you see a truck cleaner tell the driver that the lemon from their truck is missing.
Then he says that the lemons from all the trucks are missing and they all wonder where they disappeared.
Next you see Fido throw in a bunch of lemons into a glass.
(No, you're not supposed to wonder how the lemons look so clean if they've been taken from the underside of a truck)
He closes it with another glass and shakes it up well.
Voila, it turns into a bottle of 7-Up Lemon Bite.

And that's exactly when they flash the message "Contains no fruit. Contains artificial flavouring."