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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kill Pill

Ok, I want you guys to come clean about this. How many of you adults (or at least those who vaguely consider themselves one) hate pills, especially the big ones, and still have difficulty in swallowing the damn thing without the tablet behaving like a cranky child playing hopscotch on either side of ur tonsils, taking vicarious pleasure in making you gag over the pestilential mite of a chemical button?

Or am I the only one other than Devayani who still exclaims "Evalo periya maatharai" everytime I see one?

This is a vote. All those who share similar sentiments, say "Aye! (neetug ro vup) "

After 3 straight days of high fever, woke up with a twang in the calf muscle. That it's err.. "twanging" in both legs added a bit to my concern. Maybe my mind's being overactive and I'm jus imagining my vision blurring out a bit at times as I look at the monitor now.

Should check if my fears are echoed by the doc when I see him this evening. But I'm vegetarian. I'd prefer a paneergunya, or a gobigunya.