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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kids say the darndest things

Going back to school and meeting my old teachers was fun. Especially my LKG teacher.

She was telling me about this innocent little kid in her class. He was probably the first student who'd ever asked her a doubt in LKG. And she said with regret, that she didn't have an answer to the question to this day.

She was taking Alphabet class for the first LKG batch in the school, when the kid in question piped up. "Miss", he asked in all earnest, pointing to a letter on the board, "why is it called Double U when it looks like two V's placed side by side?"

The innocent kiddo passed LKG in flying colours, probably getting 26 on 26! :)
But he wasn't done yet. He went up to her and said, "I've gone to UKG and you are still in LKG. No promotion for you, miss?"

The kid, unfortunately has been missing for 16 years now. Last seen, he was wearing a white shirt, navy blue shorts, disproportionate socks, a band-aid on the right leg and an extremely sad look on his face.

If found, please ask him where all his innocence went. :(
And please do tell him a way to avoid the process of growing up. I bet he was more fun as a kid.