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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The incredible adventures of the pattikaataan pasanga

Sometimes there's nothing like making a fool of yourself. It is kinda fun though, I must admit!

Myth Busted
There's a general myth in class. Never have too much hopes of going out anywhere when gals are involved in the plan too. They usually have this Cans-In-The-Supermarket effect. One pulls out, and the entire plan collapses. For a change, yesterday, the cans were held together by the same charm that had been put on The Burrow (The Weasleys' residence for the Harry Potter ignoramuses). I was initially surprised to see the resolute look in their eyes when they said "Whatever happens, we ARE going". I later realised that the look in the eyes was not determination, but hunger. No one had brought their lunchboxes that day!

The Characters
Viv - The class genius
Maanja - The womaniser ;)
Andy - The Beef man :D
Me - the paavam appaavi fellow of the group
Maimai - The usual Guilty-Supermarket-Can-At-The-Bottom-Of-The-Stack.
Saucy - The official class padipps
Gee - The polished pattikaataan!

Adventure Sports
I'm used to walking the one and a half kilometre journey out of the college to the main road. Unfortunately, the others aren't. And you can usually trust the gals to sweettalk any chap to give us a lift till the Main Road in his car. Oh, and while the sweettalkers get the prime seats, some of us get the honour of riding in the dickey. Maanja and I were the Chosen Ones.

It seemed fun to ride sitting inside an open dickey of an Alto.. for about 3 seconds. My entire life flashed before my eyes more than a coupla times by the time I reached the main road. If it wasn't for Maimai, I'd be a goner today. My life was literally in her hands, as she held on to my hand tighter everytime I looked like falling off.

It turned out that she was just acting on gut feeling. I found out when, in a rush of gratitude, I'd asked, "Were you able to feel me slip out? Coz everytime I did, you caught me tighter.", and then bit my tongue realising what I'd just said. Viv, the only other person tuned in to my frequency of double meanings, was ROTSVSL (rolling on the share van seat, laughing)!

"Ok, we're at NIFT. Now what?" asked Gee, squinting at me as the afternoon sun mercilessly blazed upon us.
"Now we walk to Ascendas. Don't ask me where it is, coz I've never been there either!"

And so we trudged on further, and I was extremely conscious of curses muttered at me. Oh well, vaazhkaila idhellam jagajam! A li'l while later, the imposing building loomed into view. "Welcome to Ascendas", I said, feeling like a tourist guide, "The next big thing after Tidel Park". "Ooh, look at those fountains!" chorused Saucy and Gee. (The gals had switched to Pattikaataan mode!) Maimai gave us all a puzzled look.

"Ascendas is a Tech Park?" she asked, opening and closing her mouth like a guppy fish.
"Yeah, adhula enna doubt unakku?" asked Maanja.
"Err.. I told my mom I'm going to Ascendas thinking it was a restaurant!"

The Food Court
We didn't see any Planet Yumm sign. The gals started walking into the building campus. Andy said, "waitees da.. security kaaranga avangala asinga paduthaama irundha nambalum pinnaadiye pogalaam. Adhuvaraikkum let's wait!" He he, what'll we do without quickthinkers like him! :) Fortunately (for them) and unfortunately (for us), the gals were allowed in without a word, and we followed, feeling a bit disappointed that our hopes for entertainment were dashed. The first thing they noticed was a Cafe Coffee Day with plush couches. The first thing I noticed was a huge TV with cricket on!
"Can we..", I began..
"NO!!", they replied..
And I followed them to the food court sulking.

I forgot to look sad the minute I saw the food court. It was huge! We all gaped looking around, our jaws sweeping the floor. "Wow", I heard someone whisper. "Ooh, AC!", chirped Gee. He he.. the most polished looking person in the group was determined to do her pattikataan routine!

Our radars zeroed in on Pathankot. I didn't have to look into the menu to decide what I wanted. Paneer Cheese Paratha. I'd been floored by it the previous Sunday. I don't think I'll go into the entire menu. Paavama irukku ungala paartha :P

I guess it's an unwritten rule that Tech Parks must show as much geththu as possible. Near the handwash, Gee cleared her throat loudly.. "Check out this magic", she said and walked upto the washbasin. She stretched her hands and said "Open!". The automatic tap switched on. She gave us a victorious grin. She withdrew her hand and said "Close!". It didn't. :)

It didn't hear her properly it seems.

The Chocolate Fountain
This was the main reason I'd suggested this place. The chocolate fountain. You get a choice of strawberries, bananas, marie biscuits or chocolate cakes. the cut them into tiny pieces, put them on a toothpick and you get to swirl them in the chocolate for however long u want. Repeated nibbling and swirling was out of question coz
1. It's be too messy
2. The guy was fixing us with a nasty glare

Ha! It takes more than that to deter a chocolate lover. I swirled my strawberry till my arms hurt, made sure a lotta chocolate dripped from it, and held my plate under it to avoid a mess. I nibbled happily at my strawberry knowing there was a lotta chocolate on my plate to dip! ;)

The Invisible Magnet
I firmly believe there's an invisible magnet in the Ladies' Loo. They wince when they hear me call it that. It's supposed to be a restroom, they say. I hate euphemisms.

Wherever they go, they have this pact with the ladi.. err, restroom that they HAVE to visit it once. And it's amazing how they found its location so effortlessly considering it was their first visit to Ascendas. Reconfirms my theory about magnets. So while they flirted with the loo for a good 20 minutes, we checked out the gym (from the outside). I could've sworn I heard a loud "WOW" when they walked in.

When they eventually came out, Mayimayi sheepishly admitted it. "Couldn't control da, it was soo big!"

Viv and i burst out laughing. Watch your words around Double Meaning Specialists!

The Matter Magazine and the Great Insult
Next stop - Cafe Coffee Day. I was not gonna go anywhere without watching at least half an hour of cricket! Andy and I placed our orders as we plonked on the comfy couches. "When shall we leave?", asked Saucy. "Not for the next 30 minutes", I replied. The reaction on their faces gave away an impending whine-fest. Cosmopolitan came to the rescue! "Here..", I said, chucking the mag onto Gee's lap, "matter magazine! enjoy!".

So while they indulged in another round of pattikataan giggles, we watched Bhajji rip through England. Flintoff and Jones, cleaned all ends up. I think we were making complete fools of ourselves, and the guy in charge must have lost patience. The TV automatically switched off!

We looked at one another, shook our heads in disbelief, quietly paid the bill and walked out. As I walked out of the door last, I turned just in time to see the TV back on. HMPH!

Watch out Ascendas. We're planning to do this again! Especially the Cafe Coffee Day guy... I've got revenge in mind!