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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Harry Potter and the Squib-Maker - Conclusion

[That's the title of the 7th book? Didn't you know? I had to do long-distance Legilimency to obtain the concluding para of the Harry Potter series from the authoress herself.

Prescript (does that even exist?) :
I'm dead bored. College-la onnum nadakala nu veetukku vandhuten. Match-um delayed. So enna pannradhu nu theriyaama wrote this. The mokkainess is directly proportional to my boredom. Pliss echoos!]

Snape was the good guy after all. It was his suggestion to lure Lord Voldemort into the Squib-Maker. Harry recollected the last few moments in slow motion. How Voldemort had bent down to pick up a knut. How he had kicked him into the Squib-Maker and shut the door. How helpless Voldemort was when he emerged out of the contraption. A satisfied smirk climbed high on Harry's cheeks.

Ginny Weasley was so elated to see Harry back alive that she proposed on the spot. And Harry accepted, much to the consternation of the Weasleys. "But.. But... This is child marriage! My Ginny is just a child. This.. This is illegal!", Molly spluttered. "It's alright, Mrs. Weasley. We'll wait for a year. I'm glad the wizards turn into adults at 17.", said Harry.

The Weasleys had no choice. They let Harry stay back in The Burrow for a year, as long as he behaved and in Arthur's words, "errr.. stayed under control". Harry grinned and accepted. The next one year at The Burrow saw many changes in Harry. He was losing his magical powers. He realised that the bond between Voldemort and him extended much beyond what even Dumbledore had predicted. Harry realised that he'd been destined to be as powerful as his nemesis, and unfortunately, Voldemort was now totally powerless breaking stones in a Muggle Prison. Harry had to look for other options to cover up his debilitation.

Being an Electrician was out of question, as wizards didn't need it anyways. He was too frail to be a game-keeper and too much of a Squib to even hope to be employed by the Ministry of Magic. Carpentry, Plumbing, Cooking - Harry tried them all, and failed miserably. After nine agonising months, (No, Harry stayed under control. Read the sentence fully before you jump to conclusions) Harry realised he showed some spark with earthernware.

He started making pots and vessels out of clay and was beginning to get really good at it. Harry and Ginny got married amidst great pomp and ceremony. As was usual in Harry's life, every good news was followed by bad news. He realised that Ginny was irked by his magiclessness. She began harassing him, calling him a Good-For-Nothing creature, and hexed him often for being such a useless husband.

And that's the story of how Harry Potter became a harried potter.

Postscript (I know for sure that this exists!):
I'm trying my best to get a life. Don't mention it!