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..the argument continues

Monday, February 27, 2006


Sometimes I feel I'm a total weirdo. (Yes, only sometimes. Hey! Stop smirking!)

Quite a many friends have pointed out that I've got an emotional range of a robot with dead battery. Thanks guys, but I already know it myself! :) I pull a blank when confronted with serious situations, laugh at emotional scenes in movies and sneer at soppy, senti sms forwards I receive every morning.

However, my problem with babies takes the cake. I find it surprising how babies and young kids automatically come to me. Surprising coz I'll be busy running the other way! I get so flustered around them, not knowing how to talk to them, not knowing how to hold them, that I prefer staying a good distance away, smiling at the antics of other grown-ups making a fool of themselves, uttering complete gibberish to a kid who might be thinking "This is why I take so long to learn to speak!".

I've gotta learn how to differentiate infants. I feel they all look the same. The same puffed cheeks, the same chinky eyes, the same pout, the same head that's twice the size of the body. In fact, they kinda look like they're made outta chapathy maavu. But idha sollumbodhu, en friend en kooda sandaiku vandhuta. "Thoo! Naaya paartha cute-a theriyudhu, kozhandhaiya paartha theriyalaya?"

I love dogs, I can handle them. But babies, hmmm, I guess I'll learn at some point of time! :D And then, I'll probably understand why people fawn over and recognise facial similarities to a parent in a living lump of chapathy maavu!