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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Godfather, the meejic

I admit it's certainly not upto the dizzying standards Rahman has set himself, but it's much better than most of the songs being churned out these days. Rahman has tried to please the masses for a change, and I think he just might have pulled it off with this album!

I've been bugging the guys at Odyssey ever since I saw an ad in The Hindu on wednesday saying the audio's out. It was just a large-scale false alarm! It was originally scheduled for a friday release, and that was when it eventually got released anyway. My sixth visit in three days proved fruitful as the guy at the music section promptly handed me the CD and sent me packing!

The CD cover is, hmmm, to put it mildly - lousy! I mean, this is the first Asin album I'm buying, I'd have been a lot happier with more of her pics! But seriously, it really is pathetic. Shoddy typesets, mixed up track listing, Ajith in a Bharathanatyam pose right in the front! Brrrr!

Anyways, here's what I think of the songs (in the order in which they caught my attention)

Track 6 : Thottapuram
I've been addicted to this song mainly coz of the way the kids sing the song. Sonu Kakar, the Babuji zara dheere chalo female, kadichu thuppifies thamizh. Kalpana's a lot better. But there's a lotta telugu thrown in.. Maybe it was meant to be that way. Still catchy all the same. Rahman certainly knows how to make these kids sing!

Track 8 : Theeyil vizhundha
Thalaivaaaaa! Rahman's voice is getting better and better. He's sung this with a lotta soul, and it shows.. Am glad he's exploring a lot more with his vocal range and not just sticking to the "come-cry-go" interludes :)

Track 2 : Kamma Karaiyile
He he he.. Rahman gives Deva a run for his money with galeej beats, galeejer tune and galeejest lyrics! Orae kuththu.. Dunno what got into Vairamuthu. "Kattil melae kabadi kabadi, Kaaman thaan di referee referee"! LOL! Naresh Iyer has replaced Karthik as Rahman's blue-eyed boy for the season.. He sounds exactly like Karthik when he begins..

Tracks 4, 7, and 9 : Innisai [Radio mix], Innisai [Film mix] and Innisai (the original!)
Ajith-a vechundu Bharathanatyam risk ellam thevai thaana? :( But the song's pretty good.. Naresh Iyer again, ivanukku adichurukku lucku! He accompanies Mahathi. The radio mix caught my attention though. Why wouldn't it, if a classical song is interspersed with a dappanguthu interlude? :)

Tracks 5 and 1 : Illamai and Illamai [Remix]
Certainly a chartbuster, but I found it kinda ok. Below par by Rahman's standards, but can't stop humming it. Strange! :) The original song has an interlude that sounds like a Chinese kezhavi singing. Listened to it with a very bemused expression on my face! Somehow Aslam singing "Sophia, Malikka, Fausiya, Yashika" instead of "Illamai" in the end reminds me of Chinni Jayanth! The remixed track sees Suresh Peters making a comeback. Blaaze leaves his imprint too. It's strange how remixes compulsively play around with the voices. Blaaze sounds like Donald Duck!

Track 3 : Kaatril
Utter crap. I don't wanna talk about this. I really dunno what Rahman was thinking when he added this "Hey hey Saahiba" chant. vaai-la green green-a coming!

But in all, it's a nice album. Not too ostentatious, neither too dull. But please don't compare it with Rang De Basanti. This is an Ajith movie. Indha music-ae jaasthi! :P