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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jus a few things

1. You must be crazy to ride a bike in B'lore at 11:30 in the night.

2. You must be crazy to think wearing a loose shirt over a T-shirt will keep out the cold.

3. You must be me to do points 1 and 2 together :(

4. The more Peter the eatery is, the more galeej is the lighting.

5. Never play a game of fetch with a dog where the fetcher is you! Coz the dog ends up loving it, and will bite your ankle off its joints if you don't continue playing the stupid game.

6. Whenever a blogger Y becomes a regular reader of, say, X's blog, he/she becomes a regular reader of every blog in X's friends circle. It's like Y becoming a part of the family. And eventually, over a period of time, Y's friends circle (if Y is not a newbie) merges with X's.. One big happy family!

7. A gal accompanied by her dad finds it highly entertaining to stare at you right through the train journey. If you stare back, her dad stares at you. Then you stare at your shoes. Stupid game!

8. It feels good to find long lost things while cleaning out your stuff.. Especially if you find a forgetten and obviously well-hidden stash of money. LOT of money! :D