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Saturday, January 21, 2006

History repeats itself

First things first.
A million thanks to everyone who offered to gimme a copy of their Rahman collection. If I need any particular album, I'll shout across for sure. Thanks folks..

But just a coupla things.

One - All his movie albums, I'm pretty sure I can get back in no time.. It's the other stuff that I'd gone around collecting, like his BGMs, his Ads, his videos, snippets from Bombay Dreams, clippings of his interviews, that I'm worried about. Will this make me become "just another Rahmaniac"? Maybe not. But it still leaves a lingering pinch of sadness.

Two - Windows didn't crash. My hard disk did. As in, reaching a point where it wasn't even getting detected in the BIOS settings. My removable drives were detected, my hard disk drew a blank. Tried it out on another comp. Same result. To make things worse, it made a noise not too different from an autorickshaw driving with a puncture. An unnerving "tak tak" at regular intervals.

Ok, I think it's about time to get back to what this post was about.

See the title?

See the picture? :(

Rimmed glasses, here I come!

I flicked this pic off the net. But my glasses look exactly the same, and the condition it met with is ditto too. Right down to the place where the lens chipped. Spooky!

My blog is turning out to be a pulambal forum! :( Hmmm..