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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Run Out

It was quite a tough task plodding away through the beach sand for every run.

I was playing cricket after almost a year yesterday, and did something that'd make even The Injured Angel proud! I was very painfully reminded about how long it's been since I played, by my aching limbs and muscles today morning, but that's secondary.

Beach cricket with one narrow strip of hard surface doesnt help matters either. All the running was done on loose sand, and each effort to get to the other end of the pitch seemed as if I'd run a thousand miles. It is also a pity that with every trip to Bangalore, I put on an alarming amount of weight and the only way I burn it off is by playing cricket. But two trips to Bangalore in a year with absolutely no cricket meant, well, I was in perfect shape. A perfect sphere. :(

I could take it no more. Running on the pitch was the only way out. The shooting pain in the leg was the only thing that mattered, not the stony rough pitch full of coarse sand and sharp pieces of rock. I was at the non-striker's end when the batsman tapped the ball straight to the fielder and took off for a single. Ah, finally! Something to put me out of my misery! I ran with absolutely no hope of getting to the other end, straight down the pitch.

Halfway down, I tripped. The momentum made me bounce twice on one foot, a bit like playing hopscotch in the middle of a cricket field, and went crashing to the ground. Physics did the rest. I went sliding all the way to the crease, and remember the sharp rock and coarse sand? They all said hi.. maybe a bit too enthusiastically!

I got up, feeling a bit embarrassed, wiping the blood off my arm, hoping my friends wouldn't roll on the floor too much, laughing. Instead, I was greeted with a reaction diametrically opposite to what I expected. Mouth agape, staring wide eyed, my friends had a totally incredulous look pasted on their faces.

"Dei, un wicket-ku aanalum ivalo priority kudukka koodadhu da! ada paavi, kallu mullu kooda paarkama dive adikariye run out aagama irukka! Not out.. sandhoshama?"

The blood was worth it. :)

While we're discussing run outs, here's a trivia question.

Q. Name the only South African batsman who has never been run out in his life. Not even while playing school cricket. Even if he's involved in a mix up, and it gets referred to the third umpire, he always gets the green light.

A. Just in Kemp :)