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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Dejected.. with seeds of misery sown

Cheerless.. with happiness unknown

Crestfallen.. with my last hope torn

Atrabilious.. I am, for melancholy, born

Wretched.. in a deplorable state

Miserable.. with sorrow in spate

Morose.. sitting in dark gloom

Despondent.. awaiting my doom

Woebegone.. my heart etched with deep sorrow

Disconsolate.. crying like there's no tomorrow

Lugubrious.. feeling exaggeratedly sad

Glum.. enveloped in a feeling so bad

Relax, this isn't one of those "heartfelt, senti, my cries of pain conveyed, blah blah and some more blah" poems. I can't even read them, let alone write.. I'm jus preparing for GRE! :P

konjam changes done!