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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Of Punjabi gals and Tamil Sayings

[ Ok, this is rated A. Children below 16 are requested to act confused even though I'm pretty sure you understand this better than most adults! :) And to the few of you I messaged when this struck me, excuse the build up! :D Padikara time-la padippu mandai la aerutho illayo, indha nonsense ellam thonum!!]

I'm getting tired of playing this waiting game. For the music of Water to officially release. Ever since I heard the first thiruttu clip, I've been dying to lay my hands on the CD. The guys at Odyssey are getting tired too. Of seeing my face every single day.

"Is it out yet?" (extremely eager face)
"Sorry sir.."
"Oh.." (dejected look)
"We'll let you know, sir.."
"It's ok. Thanks." (trudging out with an expression so devastated, I wouldn't be surprised if they reached out to dial the suicide helpline!)

They've even developed this really apologetic expression to put on when I walk into the store. It disappears the minute I turn my back. (Highly reflective glass doors! Ha!)

Looks like Deepa Mehta's lost all hopes of releasing the movie in India, when it's shrouded with all this controversy. But what's stopping them from releasing the music? :( And why should all her movies stir up so many uprisings?

I, for one, have never found Fire controversial. In fact, it was a movie with a moral. Yup, you read that right. A Moral. (With a space in between the two words!!)

A very simple moral, that's quite a cliche in Tamil Essay Books and Arattai Arangams.

kudi kudiyai kedukkum