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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Feel like God

What did I plan?
1. Wake up at an ungodly hour of 4:30.
2. Study for the dumb model exam I'd voluntarily decided to take up. Despite clear instructions that it wasn't compulsary.
3. Go to college.

What happened?
I wake up at 6 angry with myself and with my cellphone alarm for not ringing.

Where, then, does the "Feel like God" part come in?
Remember the scene in Bruce Almighty when Jim Carrey all of a sudden realises he's in the middle of the ocean talking to Morgan "God" Freeman? I felt the same way when I noticed stuff floating around in my house and I was walking on water. No kiddin, it did feel like God! :)

So what else did I see?
The first thing I noticed was that the rain, which had started at around 3 PM last afternoon, still showed no signs of letting up.

I opened the backdoor leading to the garage. A bucket floated past me. My mom's still wondering what made me convulse with hysterical laughter!

It's about time we made vocal a long time grouse. My house was built, raised 3 feet above the ground. Every year, the corporation thinks it's doing us a great favour by re-laying the road. Point to note : They re-lay it on top of the existing road. The result: We're now on ground level!
Everytime a vehicle passes by, the flooded roads gleefully spill over inside the house, and the ankle deep water at home raises higher.

I saw the difference owning a digicam makes. DAMN! One snap would have narrated this entire post. Perhaps more!

Updated at 10 AM :
The fun's wearing off with the water level rising steadily. I hunted for a long scale and measured how deep the living room was in water. 11 cm [at 9 AM] 18 cm when I checked 5 mins back. Also noticed a dead lizard floating in the water. Disappeared before I figured out how to get rid of it. Ugh! I need to watch my step! :(

All the switchboards at a low height have been mummified with cellotape.

My sis has turned into a one-woman bhajanai ghosti. She keeps breaking into songs all of a sudden and they all eerily have a central theme - water! She says it's just a coincidence. Oh well!

There's a street dog opposite my house whose whines are tugging at my heartstrings. It's stranded on the compound wall and is standing helpless in the rain. Can't jump either way coz the place is completely flooded with knee deep water - inside and outside the compound. Will the Blue Cross help cases like this?

Hmmmm, now I know how the Mumbaiites must have felt!