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Friday, October 14, 2005

Deccan Chronicle - 3

Ok, I guess it's been quite a while after Parts one and two. Blame it on my exams! :)

So where were we? Yeah, the heavens lashed out, and the show wrapped up for the night. I looked down at the ground and was shocked to see it so slushy. It was like a swamp.
Point to note: I was in a place I didnt know, way past midnight, with 4 others waiting for me, the rain pounding incessantly on my head and a crowd jostling to find its way out. The wires on the ground did not help matters either.

But this isn't a big deal to a 19 year old, is it? An SOS is just a phone call away. It was only when I fished for my cellphone, did I realise the amount of drenching I'd gone through. I was soaked to the bone, and unfortunately, so was my phone! It lit up with glee when I pressed a button, but like a typical dying character in a tamil film, flickered, and came to a halt emitting only a weak glimmer. No display. Cellphone damaged in the rain. Brilliant.

I found my way out, unable to see anything beyond a foot in front of me. I went around the entire car park a couple of times, hoping to find them. I'd even borrowed a guy's phone to try call Ferrari, but couldn't hear a darn thing, and the guy recoiled in horror when I told him my cellphone conked off in the rain. "Ummm, I gotta go now. Can't afford to lose my phone!", he muttered and locked himself in his car. Hehe, I expected that. I figured I might as well go to the entrance. I went outside, only to be met by one more row of parked cars! Aaargh, never confuse a half-blind, phoneless, lost guy in a state of semi-panic!!

And even as I wandered about, praying I find them soon, I heard my phone ring. It was alive! The display was still blank, but I could hear it ringing! Hallelujah! It was Ferrari, "Enga pa irukkae?" He he, nalla naal-liye naan disoriented-a irupaen, ippo kekave vendaam. My repeating "Remember that closed blue dome kinda thingy we saw when we came in, I'm there!" didn't help much. G took the phone from Ferrari. Extremely calm and composed, he gave me directions, half of which I was unable to hear over the rain, but stayed on the phone all the while, till I finally spotted him after a good 15-20 mins of roaming about, cursing myself, and my dumb luck.

After half an hour of one of the best display of driving I've seen in a long time (Never seen a person crouch low, peer through a small arc of semi-transparent windshield cleared by the wiper, and drive through an apparently floating city! You da man, G!), it was time to head back to Ferrari's, on his bike, since it was too late to go home for me. I was shivering so badly, I was surprised the bike didn't careen off balance. Realising I hadn't had a bite to eat after our lunch at Pizza Hut at 1 in the afternoon, he took me to the only place open at that hour. The Leela Palace!!! Wow! My first visit to a 5-star hotel. And it had to be at 1:30 in the night!

The Citrus (or that's what I think they called the eating joint), had quite a crowd. The ultra rich ones with thick accents and thicker wallets. Felt like a pattikaataan, even more so because I was dripping wet and soiling some exquisite marble flooring! And a coupla chairs. Total damage!

This is where this post begins to live upto its name! :)

While most, at The Citrus, would have called that discreet piece of flooring next to my table an aisle, I'd rank it nothing short of an FTV ramp. I'm saying nothing more! ;) As for the eats, we had a sandwich and a cup of coffee. It's amazing how these guys give descriptions for something as simple as a veg sandwich. "Whole grain bread with a smattering of cheese and blah blah" where blah blah stands for at least 10 to 15 more words of description most of which I never knew existed! "Panini"? Bleh!

But here's the gilma I promised! There was this guy in white, who acted like the richest of them all out there. He threw around four letter words with about the same alacrity he did to a 1000 Re tip. It was kinda fun seeing him bully his friends around. I could only hazard a guess that it was to impress that chick clinging to his arms like a wet denim pant to your skin. (Yet another not-so-subtle reference to the fact that I was drenched)

Culture Shock 1:
*Children are requested to press that li'l red button on the top right of your screen. Sorry kids, the following is not for you!*

The guy in white (GiW) walked up to Ferrari and extended his hand.

GiW: Hi!
Ferro: Hi
GiW: Cold, isn't it?
Ferro: Err.. Yeah
GiW: Whadya think of that chick?

Ferro: Errr..
GiW: Nice b**bies, no?
Ferro: Errr!!
GiW: So whadya say? 3000 a night.

Ferrari refused the offer pretty politely. I was surprised at how unaffected he was about the whole thing when he looked at me and broke into a wide grin! I quickly stuffed some of the complimentary French Fries realising I'd kept my mouth open for far too long.

Culture Shock 2:
We thought we'd seen the last of GiW. But it wasn't to be. On our way out, we saw him sitting in the lounge with his gang of friends. One thing must be said about the Leela Palace. It's got the plushest couches I've seen. Big enough to easily seat the entire gang.

What surprised me was the fact that GiW, ignoring the inviting cushions, preferred to sit on another guy's lap, facing him, in a pose straight out of the Kamasutra!

Avana neeyi!!