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Monday, October 10, 2005

Deccan Chronicle - 1

Pardon the title. Guess this is catchier than say, a "Bangalore Diaries" or a "48 hours". But just don't expect gilma pictures! :) And yeah, massive post (might run to 3 parts)! Don't temme I didn't warn ya..

I had planned it all out. A schedule busier than Rahman's.

Friday Night - Catch the train
Saturday Morning - Reach Bangalore
Saturday Afternoon - Meet Ferrari
Saturday Evening - Off to the show
Saturday Night - Return home with a grin, say g'nite to Bozo and sleep
Sunday Morning - Wake up late
Sunday Afternoon - Catch the train
Sunday Night - Reach Chennai.

But as they say, "God sticketh his tongue out if thou maketh a schedule well ahead of time".

I did catch the train. I did reach B'lore the next morning. My cellphone, which showed full battery when I boarded the train, was whimpering, giving me "Low Battery" beeps, and before I could do anything about it, decided to die on me. Hmmmm, maybe this was a sign of things to come. But I'm not a shepherd who's the hero of Paulo Coelho's books. So I coolly chose to ignore it.

I kinda like the prepaid auto thingy in Bangalore. Having got off the train, grabbed a cup of coffee from a stall (can't begin a day without it!), and called up my aunt from a PCO (stupid cellphone!), I looked around, quite apprehensive about having to take an auto. One fella demanded 60. Another 50. The second one justified his 'quotation' saying he's asking jus 5 Rs more than the fixed rate at the prepaid counter. It's another matter that the computer told me the rate is 35. The auto guy, after covering half the distance, asked me what the rate was, in a very doubtful voice. I spent the rest of the journey listening to how unfair the Government is to him!

The first one to greet me home was Bozo. He's become massive! My surprised "Hey Bozo! Va da inga" greeting was met with a whimper and he sprinted inside cowering in a corner. I shook my head, disappointed, and said, "Dei! We call you a watchdog, maanatha vaangaadhe!" I guess that was when I (think I) saw a flicker of recognition in his eyes. He came bounding upto me and sprang up licking my face. I'm not kiddin when I say he's grown!

After the statuatory delayed bath, I was to meet Ferrari at the Pizza Hut in Forum. And I did, carrying with me all the gifts he was to get for his b'day. Ferrari said I make a bad courier boy. Or maybe he didn't. :) After a pretty filling lunch and some very thought provoking conversations like why the younger sister of a person who's newly acquired parent status, seems to think she knows more than the parents of the poor baby, we decided to scoot.

Next stop, Gaja's! We were to go in his car along with his friends, Mahesh and Santhanam. A CD full of songs sung by Rahman kept us company, distracting us from the threatening dark clouds in front us. Check Ferrari's blog for details. And we give him the benefit of the doubt for the picture. He really did mean to take a snap of the banner, not that gal on the bike! :P

The 500 Rs enclosure was pretty empty when I walked in at 5:30. And I noticed there were no food courts. Engala madhikka maatanga nu mudive panneetaanga! :( Struck up a conversation with a few people there. Hmmm, that's one major improvement in me after I started blogging! And all the while, the dark clouds jus' hung in there, threatening to hold the concert up for ransom.

At around 6, the sky taunted us with a little drizzle. "Scared, are ya?
*Evil laughter* What are ya gonna do about it? I'm the boss around here", it seemed to say. By 6:30, the rain increased a bit and there was a mild but steady shower. The organisers started to cover the stage in a bid to protect it. Was this the beginning of the end? We prayed hard that it shouldn't be.

One singer, (I don't know his name), took up the mike and started reciting a kannada prayer requesting the Gods to stop the rain.

The intensity of the rain tripled to a massive downpour!

(to be continued...)