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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Birthday Bash

I'm a chamathu kodam. Anybody would vouch for that. (contradictory comments in the comment box will not be entertained!!)

Yet, I'm this typical teenager who adampidichufies to go to public functions and temples. Yup, temples too. Adhu yaen therila, chinna vayasulendhae kovil poga maaten-nu vetti bandha vittutu ippo adjust panna mudiyala. :) Prestige problem-nu kooda sollalaam!

It's not that I don't like going to temples, it's just that they vaendify that they'd bring me to some temple without even asking me and then drag me there much against my wishes. Enakkum evalo busy schedule irukkum, adhellam puriyaadhe avangalukku! :P

But for the past few weeks, I've had this strange urge to visit a temple. The urge can be accurately dated back to the time my semester results were announced! My friend sending me an SMS today morning saying "Madhya Kailash temple, 4 PM.. you game?" gave me the best excuse. "Sure!", I replied, "I'll be there."

But there was a slight snag. I couldn't tell my folks, could I? Certainly not, if I didn't want to see them roll on the floor laughing at me. That meant I'd have to hurry away at 3:55 screaming "friends-a meet panna poraen ma, bye!" and disappearing from the house before my mom could reply "endha friend?". And that was what I did! Ellam en nera kodumai. Ella pasangalum kovil-ku poraen soleetu friends-oda suthuvaanga, naan friends-oda suththa poraen-nu soleetu kovil-ku ponaen. Thiruttu thanama kovil pona orae janthu!

We all met outside Madhya Kailash. A couple of my friends had even wondered if they should come in half sarees! (ponnunga thaan, obviously! :) I don't want ya to have wrong opinions about my friends!! :D ) Pity they didn't, coz another friend had brought his camera along. It'd have been amazing blackmail fodder!

Ulla pogumbodhe we noticed the crowd splitting into 2 seperate lines. One with a lotta guys and a few women, and one with a lotta gals and a few guys. We joined the second line (unintentionally, I swear!). "Dei, ladies line-la irukomo?", I asked, skeptic about the way we were going. "Ada cha, indha kovil-la apadi ellam onnum illai da.. Ladies Gents-nu thani line ellam kidayaadhu. Andha line-a paaru, evalo ponnunga irukaanga", my friend replied, and all of a sudden realising the significance of the same fact, started counting the number of girls in the other line. Counting was just an excuse, we felt. By the time we reached the sannidhi, we saw a sign in block letters that confirmed the fact that we were standing in the Ladies line! My friend did a good job of avoiding the dirty glares my other friend and I threw at him.

And I must do something about that silly voice in my head. That voice that keeps repeating the insane urges I get, over and over again. It can get pretty exasperating at times. Especially when the voice goes, "Come on, Harish! Sing the "Happy Birthday" song. It IS His b'day, na? What's your problem?". I had a tough time convincing it that He'd prefer a "shuklaam bharadharam vishnum" any day!

After a few squabbles about the right way to go around a temple, about the names of each deity, about the fact that one of my friends had literally suttufied a dosai on her forehead with kungumam, a kunguma pottu that could give Usha Uthup a run for her money, about how unfair it was for the gals in temples coz the guys get to see all the pretty ones, but the gals don't get to see a drool-worthy guy kannukettum dhooram varai, we sat down for a while and discussed about why it was a rule to sit down in tenples. We reached a unanimous conclusion that it was for vetti paechu like these.

It was also fun to see my friend's reaction after she adjusted her red dosai kungumam down to a normal size from her reflection in a window of a cabin.
Me: What were you doing?
She: I was adjusting my kunguma pottu.
Me: Unaku vera edama kidaikala?
She: Why da? What's wrong? There was such a nice reflection. How can anyone resist?
Me: It all looked alright from your end. Think of the plight of that man sitting inside the cabin. Nee avara paarthu style kaatina maathiri irundhurukkum!
She: Gasp! There was someone inside??

She didn't wipe that asattu vazhiyal off her face till she reached home. :)

Hmmm, I guess there's a risk of my sis reading this post. Oy, if at all you do, you shut up alright? mavale veetula dammaaram adichae, nee gaali!!