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..the argument continues

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


He: Hey! Check out those new glasses!
Me: ada paavi! Glasses maathi romba naal aaguthu da!
He: hehe, ippo thaan gavanichen..
Me: That's ok. oru vidhathula nalladhu thaan, my prev pair of glasses were so dirty, it was garnering attention for all the wrong reasons.
He: aamama, pithalai-la pannina maathiri irundhudhu oru stage-la!
Me: Shoo, ketaena?
He: So what's up with this? Rimless ellam potu kalakarae?
Me: Jus' for kicks. But knowing how careless I can be, I was very apprehensive about buying this one. Kannaadi-na odayum niye marandhu poi handle pannuven.
He: So how much does it cost?
Me: Came to around 1.9k da..
He: (jaw drops) As in 19 followed by 2 zeroes?
Me: Naethu varaikkum 1.9k ku adhaan artham.
He: Yaen da ivalo costly?
Me: Frame-ae semma costly da.. Some 900 odd bucks. Idhula plastic lens vera. Poraadhathukku anti-glare ellam vera poturukku.
He: (thinking deeply)
Me: What in the thinking you?
He: (Removes his glasses) Indha frame paar. Costs 200 Rs.
Me: Ok...?
He: (Removes my glasses, examines it very carefully)
Me: Dei, ennada pannrae?
He: illaadha oru frame-ku yaen da 900 Rs?