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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Rising

I make it sound like my resurrection, don't I? :)

I was going nowhere.. Thought I'd jus put in a li'l be-back-in-a-while puzzle or something. Vandhu paartha, I realised quite a many didn't get it. So much for thinking that the clue was too easy and for wondering if I should make it a bit more cryptic!! (In case there are a few who still didn't get it, try selecting the entire post. That should do the trick)

But that's not the point of the title. It's my take on the album I've been waiting with bated breath for.

Mangal Pandey - The Rising

1. Mangal Mangal (2:31)
Kailash Kher, with his rustic zing, adds just the right amount of pep to this patriotic number. A catchy tune, I found myself unconsciously closing my eyes and swaying my head like a boom boom maadu.. A short track that ends just when you begin to get into your groove. It's almost as if Rahman says "Ishtart meejic".

2. Main Vari Vari (4:53)
Probably the song of the album. The tabla flourishes are followed by the versatile voice of Kavitha Krishnamurthy. Damn, I missed her! Even as I notice how her voice has that evergreen feel to it, another voice comes along to completely sweep me off my feet. Reena Bharadwaj. Though all she does is croon Tumhari adahon pe main vari vari, her crisp but extremely sweet voice has me melting like putty. A mujra kinda song a la Maar Daala in Devdas. Love it!

3. Holi Re (4:53)
Check out this singers' list. Aamir Khan, Udit Narayan, Madhushree, Srinivas and Chinmayee. Yup, you read that right. Aamir does an Indian version of rap that's so closely associated with holi songs. Srinivas and Chinmayee are unfortunately relegated to the background, but what the hell, the effect the song creates is just right! Colourful, catchy, foot tapping.

4. Rasiya (5:57)
The sexiest song I've listened to in quite a while. Without being unnecessarily raunchy, this song succeeds in creating that perfect purple mood. Richa Sharma, in her deep deep almost male voice in the beginning gets it bang on target. Bonnie Chakraborthy takes over. From where does Rahman get hold of new talent on such a regular basis? :) If it was possible to compose such a song with purely Indian instruments, I can't help but wonder the effect this song would have created if Rahman'd used the tune in another album, complete with thundering beats. All you DJs, you've got your next remix fodder ready!

5. Mangal Mangal - Agni (2:54)
Same tune as the 1st number, modified here and there.. a lot more beats. Everytime I listen to this song, I'm reminded of my classmate. I expected she'd like this song best and gave her an earphone while I was on tour. She gave me the most unexpected reaction to the song. Have you seen this screensaver where the baby in diapers does a jig with one finger raised shaking its shoulders and butt in synch with the beat? I hope she doesn't read this!! :)

6. Takey Takey (4:34)
Begins with the same ethnic sounding loop he used in Saiyaan from Nayak. Sukhwinder Singh, Kailash Kher and Karthick Das Baul take it away from there. A hardcore bazaar song, with a pretty strong Punjabi flavour. Yet another newcomer! This number seems to have a strong The Legend Of Bhagath Singh hangover. The kids chanting "Ah takey takey" sound really cute. Peppy stuff.

7. Al Maddath Maulah (5:57)
Thalaivaaaaaa!!! AR Rahman, Kailash Kher, Kadir and Murtaza.. I guess this was the song that had Kailash Kher quite emotional as he came out of the studio and likened Rahman's studio to a temple. Rahman sticks to his shouting in the background, but does he do it panache! Bloody hell, he sings with a lotta feeling. Sorry if I'm gushing a bit too much here, but can't help it if I break into goosebumps everytime he yells "Maulah"!

8. Mangal Mangal - Aathma (4:19)
In case you're wondering what's in this track that lacks in the tracks 1 and 5 that make this so lengthy, it's a pretty straight forward answer. Long pauses! :) The song blanks off quite often and has Sukhwinder render Mangal Mangal in a pretty slow tune. Tries to touch the aathma, alright. The song gets back on track as it picks up speed in time and reminds me of my friend's dance step yet again! :) My favourite moment - Sukhwinder screaming "Allah Bol". Just the right finish to a beautiful album.

Verdict - Must Buy
But if you're into pop, forget it! This is too good an album to be criticised! :)

Sorry about such a long delay. The IV took quite a lot outta me. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter!)