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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nightmares in the sky

It was the first time on a plane for little Sara.

Her life had turned topsy turvy ever since her dad announced that he had been transferred to Singapore and that was where everyone was going to stay for the next 8 years. It wasn't easy on the poor kid. She was going to miss her friends, her favourite teacher, not to forget the little dog in the parking lot that she'd secretly adopted with her friends. But she was too sweet a child to kick up a fuss, and mustered a weak smile when her father asked her if she was all excited about the trip.

At 7, she was at a very impressionable age. The television in the airport was the only thing keeping her distracted. She was afraid she'd cry any moment. That was when she saw the Pepsi ad for the first time, unedited. Lips popping out of the ladies' navels, floodlights following the car, a burger talking back to Shahrukh.. it was all too much for her. A torrent of tears streamed down her face. "Papa, I don't want to drink Pepsi again!", she whimpered. Her father was taken aback by her sudden change of mood. "It's alright honey, it is just an advertisement", he said in a soothing voice.

"I never knew food could talk. I never thought it had a life of its own too. Imagine how painful it would be when we bite it!"

Her father didn't go to say anything further. He let her cry, realising she'd been needing an outlet all along.

It was time to board the flight, as the last announcement was made before take-off. Sara looked at the size of the monster plane in awe. She was unable to revel in all the attention and fuss that the air hostesses were showering on her. Unusually quiet, she seemed preoccupied with something that seemed to be gnawing her. Refusing the food that was offered to her, she told her dad she was feeling sleepy.

Sara's father was confused but at the same time amused by his child's behaviour. "What an imagination the kid's got!", he thought to himself, "And so sensitive to others' feelings too. She'd forget all about it when she reaches Singapore."

He took his food tray from the air hostess. His mind was still deep in thought. "Imagine the food talking back to me. Ha ha.. kids these day.."

He was about to sink his teeth into the sandwich when he heard a tiny voice say, "You're looking good today, Sir." He blinked at his sandwich wondering if he was hearing things. "Yes Sir, I was talking to you", the sandwich continued, the bread slices moving up and down as the lips would. "A very smart tie you have on. Did you have a haircut recently, Sir? Looks fabulous!"

He looked at the air hostess, eyes pleading for an answer, to tell him he was just imagining things.

"Complimentary food, Sir", the air hostess replied cheerfully.