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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Life's little ironies

Irony doesn't seem to leave me alone. It follows me around like that Hutch dog even when the network's down.

I've seen transcendental ironies like this one. [For those too lazy to click, it was dust on a vacuum cleaner ] :)

But the ones I came across in the last couple of days are a lot more down to earth.

Irony 1:
I'm an advertiser's delight. I try to look at all the ads at once, even while travelling. This is usually accompanied by a "road-a paarthu oatu da, &^%$#@!". It was on one such ad gazing spree, that I saw a quite peculiar sight.

It was an ad for an exterior paint, painted with permission on the wall of a house that was quite prominently visible from the road. It screamed "XYZ Exterior Paint. Waterproof. Lasts Long." or something to that effect. Pity it had been half washed off by the Chennai rain. :)

Things to note:
I'm talking about the Chennai rain here. There are no meteorological explanations for it. It only happens when God looks at all the parched land, clucks his tongue in pity, takes aim, targets Chennai and spits. And the 5 minute shower, that dries up as quickly as it poured, occupies Page 1 in all leading newspapers.

With this as a background, spare a thought for the credibility of the paint company. Advertising for exterior paint, it's only logical that they paint the ad using their own paint. If they use some other paint, that speaks volumes about their belief in their own product. If they use their own, sorry buddy, your product sucks anyway!
Catch-22, ouch!

Irony 2:
This one is tragic. Heartrending, even. Expecting a few condolence messages for it.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is releasing on July 16th.
Here's a run through of how childishly excited I've been.

1. Excited about JKR completing the book. No, not releasing it or letting out a secret. Jus' telling the world that she's completed the book. Was so excited, I could hardly think of anything else that day.

2. Pre-ordered the book a couple of months earlier to make sure I get it on the first day. Second day, wouldn't do. No. It better be first day.

3. Marked July 16 on the calender, and a countdown on the dates preceding it. I've been striking them off one by one everyday and soaking in the bitter-sweet anticipation.

4. Realised the fact that I won't be in town on July 16!

Yup. It's Industrial Visit time. That time of the year when we announce to our folks that we're visiting MNCs and koothadichufy in tourist spots. And it so happens that I'd still be travelling on D-Day. What did I do to deserve this?