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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jus' a few things

First things first.. Oy Murali, here's wishing you a speedy recovery da..

Second things second!!
Is anyone I know going to the bloggers meet today? Yaarum varalaina naan pogala :(

MASAT-a konjanaal mootai katti vekkalaam-nu plan panneeten! :) semma ushaar party thaan avanga!
(You expected me to say third things third, didn't ya?)

Prayer club restarted with renewed vigour. Thanks Ferrari! :) Prav-ku spl prayers coz GRE ezhutharaan.. un nakshathram gothram ellam Ferrari kitta sollu da! :P

IV-a pathi ezhuthalaam-nu romba aasaiya irundhudhu, but I forgot the names of all the places I went to! A travelogue wouldn't look too good with places named like "That dam where I saw the snake" or "The waterfall with the hanging bridge".. So I ditched the plan to write one. :)

And yeah, Ah Aah lyrics irundha pls drop me a msg!