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Sunday, June 05, 2005

We've hit the Jackpot!

Now that the other 3 have mentioned it too, naan pannalaina nalla irukaadhu! :)

Yup, it's about being featured in The Hindu. The magnitude of the situation hasn't sunk in for me yet. Mebbe it's coz I'm sitting in Bangalore and still haven't seen it in print yet! Hope my parents don't throw away the paper by the time I go back to Chennai.

Congrats to Prav, Vindy and Sandhya too! Yaayy to us! :P

But then, there seems to be more reason to celebrate. I was in the PVR watching Bunty and Babli when my sis called up to say she won a prize on Radio Mirchi! Hehe, ipadi kudumbame famous aaradha yoschu paartha comedy-a keedhu! :)

Congrats sissie!!

Radio Mirchi prize money enakku evalo nu theriyaathu! Treat vennum-na, ask my sis! :P