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Friday, June 03, 2005

Sin City

And no other place I've been to deserves this title. In fact, I'd give this title just to that ice cream shop tucked away in one corner of the city. But don't ask me where. Thanks to all the one-ways in Bangalore, all I've been doing is go around in circles. I was totally disoriented by the time I reached the place! :P It's somewhere close to M.G. Road, though!

Corner House. That's what it's called.

My cousin was waxing eloquent about the "fantabulous" icecreams they serve you. But I, being a strong believer in the saying "kannaal kaanbathum poi, kaathaal ketpadhum poi...".. Oh, what the hell.. unga kitta peela vittu enna panna poraen? I was desperate to have an icecream and literally made her double back and take me there!

She gave me a rather diabolical look when she asked me if I liked chocolate. "Like it? I love chocolate! Lemme at it!!", I said. I swear I saw a glimpse of the devil himself when she grinned, "Done! We've decided what you're gonna have."

She asked for a funnily named icecream for herself, winked at me and said, "and a DBC for him please". The guy behind the counter grinned at me. Heyyyyy, what was happening? Was this some kinda joke? And what did DBC mean?

"Death By Chocolate", she drawled in an ominous tone. I laughed. "Oh, come on! Chocolate won't kill anyone. Certainly not me!". She grinned again. "If you say so!"

When the icecreams arrived, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. So this was DBC. All I could see was rich chocolate sauce in a huge tub! There were nuts sprinkled all over it, and one nut looking at them and shamelessly drooling away.

"Wogay!! So am I supposed to eat it all?"
"Yup! You better."
"No problemo! I could have two of these! Look at all the chocolate!"
"Nee saapidu da. I'll surely get you another one if you want."

It was only when I dug into it, that I realised that it was vanilla and chocolate icecream, with chocolate sauce, more chocolate, some more icecream, topped with the most divine hot chocolate sauce I've ever tasted. Piping hot chocolate on freezing cold icecream. My tastebuds went crazy when the combo melted in my mouth.

I ate...

and I ate..

and ate some more.

What is it? An ice cream tub or an akshaya paathiram??

By the time I was thru with that huge tub (and I still can't figure out how I did it!), my cousin was openly laughing, oblivious to all the eyes staring at us and asked, "One more?"

No thanks. I've had enough chocolate to last me a life time. I don't believe I'm saying this, but I'm off chocolate for a week! They really did kill me with chocolate. That's one myth shattered. I hope I don't get fed up of playin' with dogs next!

In case you're wondering why I haven't mentioned Bozo yet, I have a seperate post in mind for him!

This is my first post from a computer other than my own. So one round of applause for that, please. Thank you! :)