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Friday, June 24, 2005

Magix 'n' Curses Ver 2.0

Yes, you're in the right place.
No, you didn't land up in some other blog.
Yes, you guys did ask me to stick with my old template.
No, I guess I didn't listen to you. :)

I admit I put that template to vote. And I agree almost everybody voted against it. Orae feelings-a pochu enakku. Edhavadhu panniye theeranam-nu solli pannina velai thaan idhu.

Rajni padam maathiri all this didn't happen over the course of a song. Took quite some work. :) If you still don't like it, sigh, maybe I'll take it off and revert to my old template. But I thought I should put it up for at least a couple of days or three. Chumma, beta testing maathiri.

Ippo podungappa vote-u! :)

It looked so beautiful in Firefox. IE-la semma sodhapals! Had to do a lot of damage control to bring it to what it is now.
And a million thanks to Krithika and her "inner eye"! :) Thanks Kiki, couldn't have done this without ur help.

Update [ later that morning, Jun 24 :) ] :
1. Lotsa 16x16 bommais all over the template. 70% of the time spent for this template, adhulaye pochu. Photoshop vaazhga!
2. Translator has been removed. Yaarume adha madhikala! :) But in case you still need it, I've added a link to it in "Linx".
3. Have used a Flooble collapsible listbox code for my blogroll. Avangalukku Credit kudukanam-nu manasu uruthings! :)
4. If u have suggestions, please do lemme know! Playing around with the template is so much fun! :D