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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It happens only in...

Went out for our traditional dosa breakfast in Shanthi Sagar with my cousin. When we came out feeling quite happy after a super meal, she looked to be in a pretty generous mood. "Did you bring your wallet?", she asked. "Pfft..", I thought, "so much for 'generous'!". But she had other ideas, and none of them thankfully involved me paying the bill. "So you must be carrying your license, na? The bike's all yours. You ride home."

Yippeeee! The Honda Dio, fresh outta the Service station, literally begging me to test its raw power. But it took only one glance at the peak Indranagar traffic to burst my li'l bubble. Once I crawled outta the main road into a relatively freer lane, I was able to check out the brute power of this 4-stroke baby. It was smooth riding all the way, as I took the longest possible route home, manouevering through the Bangalore bottlenecks and traffic with a kind of flair I never knew I possessed!

Once home, I tried to squeeze the bike in through one gate, too lazy to open the second bigger one and at the same time kept my eye on Bozo bounding up and down before my front tire, trying my best not to run over him! My cousin said, "Not bad da. You handle the bike pretty well. You've got better road sense than I thought. You know what? I let you ride only to see how well you do. You may take the bike whenever you want from tomorrow. You ride pretty well!"

"Why, thank you!", I said, grinning ear to ear, and crashed into the gate.


I had a frankie later in the day. In case you didn't know, a (veg) frankie is a maida maavu chappathy wrapped around an aloo tikki, smeared generously with ketchup, mustard, and some spicy tangy concoction I couldn't recognise.

But did it hit the spot! I loved it and was already planning to grab a frankie the next time I came to that place when I overheard the lady next to me mumble to her kids in Hindi. I took a big bite to hide my grin as I heard her say, "If I make chappathy at home, you both refuse to eat it. If they sell it on the road, wrap it in a tissue paper, and give it a fancy name, you pester me to buy it for you!"

Sorry lady, but that's the way the frankie crumbles. :)