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Monday, June 13, 2005

It happens only in... - Part II

Never thought I'd be writing a sequel, but I guess I'm doing things here I'd never get to do in Chennai!

Waking up all of a sudden in the middle of the night wondering if you're really feeling hungry or it's all just a part of being disoriented happens to everyone, I guess. But when your cousin walks in saying "I'm hungry, let's eat!" as if she read your mind, that's when you know it IS disoriented hallucinations! :)

Fortunately for me, I really was hungry and my cousin was too! So we trooped into the dining room at 12, ransacking the table for scraps to eat. The only thing we found was an unopened packet of chips and popcorn. It was fun enough making popcorns at night, we even decided to experiment and popped it without the lid! I didn't mind cleaning the mess in the oven later. Scoop, eat, scoop, eat. I was undoubtedly the most disgusting creature at the moment. Even the rat trying to sneak into the kitchen would have vouched for that.

And we did all this when our nephew was sleeping, completely unaware of the fun we were having without him. But we were thoughtful elders. That is to say, we thought about him when we ate.

"Cha, paavam.. avana vittututu saapidarom-la?"
"I'm hungry, you're hungry.. shut up and eat."

What'll the poor kid do without loving concerned people like me to look after him? :P


Inspite of taking gate-crashing to literal dimensions, my cousin was sweet (and brave!!) enough to hand me the bike keys when we were coming back from Koramangala after having got some job done. I loved the stretch along the inner ring road, the wind in my face, no heavy traffic, the mid-day sun so mercifully shielded by massive clouds. I loved it so much that I didn't realise that my cousin was tapping my shoulder.

"Umm.. Harish?"

I was humming some tune I'd heard on TV. I was carefully avoiding a pothole and feeling rather pleased with the complete command I had over the bike when I heard her call me again.

"Err.. Harish?"
"Oh, sorry! yeah?"
"Congratulations, you've successfully jumped your first traffic signal in Bangalore!"
"Signal? What Signal??!?!"
"He he he!!"

How was I to know I'd have to look for signals on straight roads? :( The bloody pothole distracted me into making my first traffic offense! But then, hehe, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling kinda pleased about this. :P


Nirenjan was in town. He called me up and asked if we could meet up for lunch at Shiok. He said Vikkki was coming too. [Pssst, Shiok is in Indiranagar! ;) ] I was more than happy to meet up. After everything was decided, I asked my cousin if I could take her bike. "Sure, no problem! I told you it's your bike.. Anyways, where are you guys meeting up?"

"Shiok", I replied, "its owner is a blogger too!"
Guess she must have been fed up of hearing the word blog.. "Oh cool, have fun"

Then all of a sudden she asked, "Hey, did you know it's Thai cuisine?"
"It is?" I had a strange feeling I knew where the conversation was heading.
"Yup. Will you be ok in there?"
I was right. The conversation went head-on dealing with my err.. lemme just say, "problem with fish".

After a lot of ummms and errrs, I explained my problem to Nirenjan. He was cool with changing the venue, though I did detect a tinge of disappointment in his voice. Was I feeling guilty! And when I read his blog on Saturday morning, my guilt multiplied some more. I didn't know the name of most of the restaurants there, so I suggested the first one to come to mind. Bombay House.

Nirenjan and I waited for a while as Vikkki was held up in traffic. When he finally arrived, I noticed that he had a viboothi on his forehead that all but screamed "Naan nallavan!". Aanalum ipadi ellam oora emaatha koodadhu, Vikkki! :P

When we eventually went inside, we realised it isn't exactly a lunchy place, if you know what I mean. Ulp, I'd suggested the wrong place. :( Vikkki groaning "I'm hungry" and a sudden flashback of Nirenjan's post did the trick. My guilt resurfaced and reached dizzying heights (harrowing depths more like). I decided to drown my guilt with a Gola. :D

For the uninformed, a gola is an ice katti on a stick, dipped in flavoured syrup and should be slurped with repugnant relish! Vikkki and Nirenjan had a li'l quiz, wondering if the ultimate goal was to eat all the ice katti, or finish all the syrup. I put an end to all doubts. I did both! :)

But I still regret taking that last sip of the syrup. My face contorted through a wide range of expressions and finally came to a halt at one which looked like an inji thinna kurangu. I shouldn't have drank the dregs and ended up with a mouth full of black salt. :(

Nirenjan, for one last time, sorry! :)
Vikkki, hope you saw the kadais behind the ponnus this time. :P