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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Two new gained. An old one kicked.

Habit #1:
Walk in an extremely ungainly manner. I didn't notice I was doing it until my cousin yelled, "Oy! enna da aachu unakku?". This li'l strut of mine might probably give Chappaani a run for his money. Or should I say, a walk for his money.
It's a bit like this.
a. Put the left foot forward.
b. Pause.
c. Take the right foot all the way over a semicircular path and place it just in front of the left foot.

d. Repeat steps (a) through (c) till destination is reached.

Bozo, when bored, bites the sleeve of my pant and doesn't let go unless I scratch him behind his ears or play with him. The minute my attention wanders to something else, he snaps at my leg, and hangs on to the already frayed sleeve of my jeans again.. leaving me no other option than to literally drag him along wherever I go.

Distract him with a biscuit when I hafta go somewhere. Make a consientious effort to walk without my right foot doing a mini ballet step. In simpler words, walk straight for Godsake!

Habit #2:
Check behind the door, like the cops do in Hollywood movies, before entering the bathroom.

Tadaaaaa.. Bozo again! It was surprising enough that I wanted to have my bath, that too in Bangalore. I'd almost closed the door after entering the bathroom when I received a pretty nasty shock. Bozo, almost hidden behind the door, was giving me that very silly grin he reserves for me. The one displaying all his teeth, yet having his mouth open just enough to stick his tongue out in a funny angle and his tail thumping a li'l african beat on the bathroom tiles.
And it was such a nasty shock, that I yelled "WOAAAHH!!", and Bozo howled "Wooooooooooowww", and we ended up having an extremely uncivilised conversation entirely in high pitch, echoing off the bathroom and practically reverberating throughout the house. It's another matter that the only person who was shocked by the episode was me. My cousin was busy laughing her butt off, sniffing back tears of mirth.

No cure. Continue habit till I get back to Chennai. The last thing I wanna do is to perform a strip-tease to my dog! I love dogs, but not THAT much!! :) (no further mention of this topic will be entertained. :P Gatham gatham. Matter close! No kinky stuff for me, thank you very much! :D )

Habit kicked:
Fiddling with my cellphone 24x7.

Exorbitant roaming rates on Airtel!! :) With 3 and a half rupees per msg, and 5 bucks knocked off every time I attend a call, I'd rather put my cell in bubble-wrap and stow it away in deep freeze!

What cure? I check my msgs hardly twice a day, as my cellphone lays forgotten in a dark corner of the room. In fact, the oldest msg in my Sent Folder shows:
Date and time:

By my standards, that's a bloody miracle! Hallelujah, I'm temporarily cured!! :)