Magix 'n' Curses
..the argument continues

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dilemma, and a new beginning..

Curses: I love this template.

Magix: But some don't.

Curses: So what? The majority like it.

Magix: Oh yeah? Check it out in 800x600.

Curses: Uh oh! :(

Magix: So how does it look?

Curses: Pathetic. The template looks downright crappy.

Magix: So what do think we should do?

Curses: Why should we do anything? Almost all comments are in the new template's favour.

Magix : Wouldn't that be unfair to some of our readers?

Curses: But you can't please them all!

Magix: It's a toss up between our happiness, or making sure the person who's kind enough to drop by, finds it easy to read.

Curses: But no one's complained about it yet!

Magix: After all that gushing and "I'm soo happy about my new template!" squeals, do you think they'll have the heart to tell us it looks bad?

Curses: Hmmmm :(

Magix: Glad you're thinking. I know this is tough. But don't you think it's only fair that we revert to the old template thereby making sure everyone's comfortable?

Curses: Yeah :(

Magix: I know this is harder on you. Afterall, you did all the answering on the commentbox! :)

Curses: Why's life so cruel? :(

Magix: Ada thoo! Philosophy romba mukkiyam ippo!

Curses: Thittaadhe! Vera endha vazhiyum illaya? :(

Magix: If only Blogger had a way to let us have two templates and switch between them on the click of a button! :(

Curses: Hey!! Instead of two templates, why not two blogs?!!

Magix: Oru blog vechundu padara paadu poraatha? :)

Curses: Think about it. We can update it simultaneously with the same posts. We can redirect all the ppl who view with 800x600 to the other blog! We won't lose readers, and we still get to keep this template!

Magix: I like the idea! But don't you think it'll seem like scene potufying?

Curses: If Lazygeek can do it, if Dubukku can do it, why not us? :)

Magix: It takes a lotta cheek to make a statement like that! Avanga range-ku ellam nambala equate pannikaradhu romba thappu da dei!

Curses: Adha pathi aparam kavalai padalaam! Idea ok-va?

Magix: Pardon the pun, but Double Ok! :)


All these thoughts cropped up in my conversation with Uma yesterday! :) Thanks Uma, for putting up w/ this tirade of contradictory thoughts, and suggesting the idea for a new blog! Here it is folks.