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..the argument continues

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Yet another meet, yet another hotel. But don't worry.. this time, I didn't experiment with food I haven't tasted before. Stuck to my favourite PBM. :)


When you are mad at shoddy work, irritated that things have gone wrong, frustrated that the guilty party doesn't even realise his mistake, and sad that your property was damaged, though your first instinct is to rip the offender apart limb for limb, you give him one last chance to redeem himself. One chance to explain his mistake and apologise for it. Your entire being hangs on that one last shred of patience, mentally willing the offender to say something that wouldn't make you blow your top in a way that Mt. Etna would be proud of. And during those tense moments, those milliseconds when you wait for his answer, time seems to slow down to a trickle. The effect is almost (and I've used this word before).. Matrixy!

There are two reactions you expect to give depending on his response. One: Act dignified and say everybody makes mistakes, if he sincerely apologises. Two: Go the Etna way and lose your head like the volcano, if he couldn't care less.

But what happened yesterday fell into a slot you just can't categorise!

Ferrari had ordered Butter Roti. The waiter (who I suspect was finding it hard to take his eyes off the girl sitting at the other end of the room) was at his shoddy worst, serving us with his mind evidently elsewhere, with butter dripping off the Roti like doggie drool (oooh, that must have spoilt your appetite!). And even as Ferrari tried to bring it to the guy's attention.. SPLAT! A drop of butter fell right on his knee, soiling his rather expensive pair of trousers.

Ferrari saw red. (pun unintended!)

He looked like he was going to lose his cool, when that part of his brain kicked in that tries to give the wrongdoer one last chance.

So he composed himself as much as he could, and without bothering to hide his irritation, turned to the waiter and hissed between clenched teeth, "Yeh kya hai?"

Time slowed down as expected. All heads turned to look at the waiter. We knew things were about to turn nasty going by the innocent and puzzled look the waiter seemed to wear on his face.

And then came the response we were waiting with bated breath for...


I think he still doesn't understand why we were laughing! :)


And before I forget.. the ppl who turned up were...

Sorry, wrong number.. but here's who really turned up.

That's Maverick, and Ferrari..

That's the Chocolate Milkshake that Maverick is looking at...

And that's me, pretending to be a busy aapeesar! :) Naah.. was talking to Praveen.

PS 1. Ok, ok, don't break ur head. PBM stands for Paneer Butter Masala. :)

PS 2. I've exaggerated the event tenfolds. Don't mind! :P And also don't mind the message on my T-Shirt (if u can read it!)!

PS 3. Why do PS1 and PS2 sound familiar?