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Monday, May 23, 2005


And one of them has already got my name on it! Yessssssss...

Thanks a million, Krithika, for letting me know abt this.

Thought I'd try my luck at Odyssey on my way back from the Bloggers' Meet. [Pics here.. thanks CC!]
And jus' like she said, 135 bucks waived off if I pre-ordered the book. Damn, did it feel good to walk up to them, wave my card and say "I'd like to pre-order my book please, thanks"!! :P

But almost immediately my "all grown up" feeling flew outta the window when they gave me a Bookube.. kinda like a rubik's cube but it opened up in different ways and gave me rare Harry Potter trivia like "Harry was a born seeker" and Quidditch being the "The most exciting and celebrated of all wizard sports". Ugh! I hate to sound sarcastic when it comes to Harry Potter. Halfway outta Odyssey, I was already ripping the cover apart and checking out the different combinations!!

Can't wait for July 16!