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..the argument continues

Sunday, May 08, 2005


He'd decided to sit the entire three hours.
He knew it wouldn't be easy.
First peek into the paper. Didn't look too bad.
The minute his pen touched the answer sheet, it all seemed to blur. Some problems hit a dead end. Some just didn't start at all. His worst fears were confirmed.
But he decided to hang in there, trying to extract forgotten pieces of formulae (from his mind. bit adikka dhairiyam illai!), trying to do something about it.
At the end of the three hours, his insides seemed like it was filled with lead. (And no. It wasn't a case of constipation!) :)

He came out feeling totally bummed out. The thought of an impending arrear loomed around his head like a vulture sensing a dying prey.
He didn't dare look at his friends. He wasn't sure he could maintain eye-contact after such a dismal let-down.

But he chanced a tiny peek. Just a small glance from the corner of his eye.
And the sight took him by surprise. Crestfallen faces everywhere! "So it wasn't jus' me!", he thought, and gathered courage to ask his friend, "dei, epadi da panninae?"
The reply : "Confirmed arrear da :(".

He felt a sense of calm descend on him out of nowhere. His spirits lifted. (Oxymoronic sentences?)
Everyone told him the same thing. He saw a few souls trembling with trepidation. He noticed dejected faces, glum emotions.
Yaarume nalla pannalainu theriyumbothu, manasa avalo nerama uruthina sogam kaanama pochu. He smiled for the first time in three hours.

Sigh. How fickle can the human mind get? :)

No, these Mani Ratnam-ish sentences weren't inspired by Ammani! :) That's all I'm able to come up with now. Broken sentences. Time to get the Prayer club dusted and ready! :)

This is the worst possible gift I could have given my mom. Sorry 'bout it!
But Happy Mother's Day!