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..the argument continues

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pocket tales

An intense game of 8-ball was in session. My friend and I had sunk all the stripes. The 8 ball was giving us a headache. Ok, so we're not experts. Heck, I wouldn't even call myself an amateur. I play the game jus' to make a complete fool of myself.

Surprisingly today, I'd sunk 4 balls in 8 tries. That, to me, was equivalent to taking a double hatrick in an over! And even as we struggled with the last 8 ball, the other two were calmly pocketing the solids, with smug looks on their faces as if to say "Yup, this is like a handicap match. We let you take the lead, and we're coming after you!"..

Another surprise was the complete lack of smoke. My friend later told me that smoking was not allowed inside.. Aaah, no wonder! I'd usually be too busy coughing to notice what ball I'm supposed to be aiming at.

So there we were. The cue ball and the 8 ball had lined up perfectly. One shot away from victory. My friend scanned the warzone and plotted his strategy.

"I'm going after it hard", he said.

"Stupid move.. the softer the touch, the better", countered the opponent (who was my friend too, but hey, this was supposed to be war!)

"I don't care.. that bloody ball is gonna regret setting foot on this table"

"Ok, fine.. but you're supposed to say which pocket you're aiming to sink the ball in."

"Duh! Isn't it obvious.. I'm going for that one!", he said, pointing to the pocket right in front of the opponent.

He screwed up his eyes in intense concentration, did a couple of practice shots a few inches away from the cue ball, rolled up his sleeve, shut one eye, lolled his tongue and WHAM!!

The cue ball went flying, almost outta the window.

The 8 ball fell into the pocket alright. The one in my opponent's cargos.

My traditional pool table cough paid me a visit after all that laughing. :)
And yeah, we lost!