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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On my way back...

Travelling in a share van* has its own set of pleasures.

After walking outside for 1.5 km (Why do they keep the campus so well hidden inside??), I really don't mind the cramped vehicle.

Where else would u get to see a drunk man drill a hole thru the shirt of a guy in front with his cigarette? :) The fight that ensued was even better. Got a ring-side view!

With the radio blaring in full volume, we get to hear stuff like this and also some really ill-timed incidents like the one that happened today...

There I was, completely exhausted after a tough exam, (It was an okay exam when I came out of the hall. Status went down by quite a many notches after we discussed the paper. NEVER discuss a question paper! ), made more tired by the 1.5 km walk at 1.30 in the afternoon. Getting to sit down in the share van came as a major relief. Never mind the fact that the cramped excuse of a vehicle looked a li'l worse than the scene in Swades with Shahrukh in a train. Never mind the fact that I was all sweaty, completely sapped out by the dry heat. Never mind the fact that my brain was screaming in agony. I got a place to sit, and that was a moral victory by itself. Or so it seemed. The place was like a furnace! And right on cue the radio hollered "Semma hot machi!". Yeah yeah, you don't have to rub it in!

But I cheered up quickly enough. It was pretty funny when my friend Bharath read out loud a signboard for a school. He said, "Dei, inga paaru da! 'No Donation. No Admission'.. ada paavigala!!". We grinned broadly when a man standing in front of the signboard moved a tad to his right to reveal the word "Fees" after the word "Admission"!

A hotel that we passed by a few minutes later was even funnier. It's strange enough if you name your hotel "Hotel A ROSE", but to put a picture of a rose instead of the letter O was taking things too far. The words were in a dark colour, and the rose in light pink. Unfortunately for the owner, the picture got all but washed away by the rain. I had to exhibit tremendous self-control from laughing out loud! Why, you ask? Read the hotel's name again without the O!

The clincher was the conversation we had about the Answer Sheet Scam.

Me : Do you think the correction will be strict because of this?
Bharath : Theriyala da. Enakkum adhaan bayama irukku!
Me : Loosu pasanga.. pannradha ozhunga pannalaam la!
Balaji : What did they do?
Bharath : Guess they wrote in a new answer sheet, somehow managed to get the answer sheet that they submitted, tore the first page, and stuck it on the new answer sheet.
Balaji : That'll be very evident! Baekunga!
Bharath : Yeah da. Instead they could have handed over their answer sheet empty, or having written jus' a little. Anyway they're able to get paper somehow. They might as well write the answers and put it back!!

Balaji and I gaped at him in awe...

* Ok, in case the term Share Van still doesn't ring a bell, it's a maxicab that has a capacity of 16 (including the driver), but stuffs in at least 30 people and hauls them to and fro across the Old Mahabalipuram road.

If you're a University Official or a Policeman, I hereby declare we're incapable of pulling off anything like that! Leave us alone! :P