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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here I come, Bozo!

No, don't worry. I'd never dare to call you a bozo! :)

Bozo's my li'l dog in Bangalore. And I'm off on an indefinitely long visit to play with him. Oops, sorry da Karthik (that's my nephew), naan unkoodayum vilayaduven! But I get to hog the PS2, deal-a? Actually, I have no clue when I'm coming back. Adha naan decent-a "indefinite trip"-nu solli peela vittutu alayaraen! :)


I really don't know why this happens to me. Maybe God wanted me to remain grounded. (Note to self: Erase all the words from your vocabulary that remind you of that stupid Electronic Circuits subject) I was on a high after getting my license. Nothing else could have prompted me to write such a long post! But the very next day, I was brought down to earth with a thud... and a heavy cold.

I thought one of my many allergies had been triggered off. Misery seeks company-nu summava solluvaanga? Nee cold-a mattum vechundu enna panna porae? indha, headache-um vechukko-nu adhayum kuduthutaaru.

I so wanted to make this B'lore trip that I actually took rest for 2 whole days, hopin' I'd be better by today. It kinda paid off! I've sacrificed two days of cricket, God. I better not fall sick again in Bangalore! So kindly do the needful. Danku!


Suderman, if you're reading this, I forgot to tell ya something yesterday..

It definitely made my day! I was half asleep.. and it woke me up for good! Aaah, I now have something to say and change topic if my relatives start asking me about my exams! :D


Oops. I've a train to catch in a coupla hours, gtg... see ya folks! Don't forget me! :P