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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Anyone who's got hit there'd tell you it's NOT funny at all!

But that's not the point. Have you ever noticed the "type of humour" field on the Orkut profile? There's a long list including "slapstick", "sarcastic" and "quick witted". They've left one out.

Self-Depreciatory. [did u know it doesn't have an 'i'? I didn't! :) Thanks Shyam!]

I kinda like this particular type! :) And I might have even overused it on my blog. But there's a certain charm to it. A certain something that gets even complete strangers getting to know you for the first time, to warm up to you instantly. To kid around like an old friend.
I'm not complaining at all! :)

I jus' hope all this self-depreciation doesn't leave me feeling worthless! :)

So for a change, I'll make the protagonist of the following narration anonymous! :P

There lived this boy who couldn't believe half his college life was over. He realised there were so many things in life he might have missed experiencing. (Perverts might want to get their minds back on track. I'm talking about the simple pleasures of life. Hey! Why's ur grin getting wider? Stop!)

That was when he realised he hadn't gone on a plane. At least not when he was old enough to appreciate what was happening. He must have flown 3-4 times, but all before the age of 4. Now who wants that? But there was one incident etched quite deeply in his mind. And it happened in-flight.

He remembered dim lights, he remembered an uncomfortable seatbelt. Pity he didn't remember the pretty air-hostesses. But one of them had a part to play in this li'l flashback of his.

*li'l flashback*

He was extremely excited to see an entire tray of chocolates being held in front of his face. His reflex to grab the entire lot was cut short by the "Now let's see how you behave.. One step outta the line, young man, and you're in for it" look from his mom.

So, the well-behaved kid that he was, he looked up at the airhostess with saccharine sweetness, picked jus' one chocolate, gave her a grin so sincere that he hoped she'd melt and give him all the chocolates, and said "Happy Birthday!"

He never forgot the laughter that echoed off the aisle of the plane.

He never forgot the lapful of chocolates either. :)