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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thamizh Puthaandu Nall Vaazhthukal!

Ellorukkum en iniya Thamizh Puthaandu Nall Vaazhthukal
Vishu vaazhthukals too!

I love this time of the year. For the super eats. For all the shows on TV. For the Rajni and Kamal padams releasing simultaneously. But most importantly, for the greatest tradition of them all. Falling at elders' feet!

Elders-a madhikka therinja payyan naan. Romba mariyaadhai kudupaen. Avanga manasu kashta paduthara maathiri endha kaariyamum panna pidikaadhu.

Well, paati kaal-liyum amma appa kaal-liyum vizhundhu avalo dhuddu collect panninadhukkum pona paragraph-kum sambandhame illai. Honest!

Amma kitta "Chennai-la evalo relatives irukaanga ma?"-nu ketathukku my sis gave me a "Dhoda!" looku. Avangala ellam paarthu avanga blessings vaanganam-nu aasai irukaadha enakku??

Illai vendaam. Ungala answer panna vitta naan damage aaiduvaen! Naane sollraen. Of course , enakku periyavanga blessings ellam vaanganam-nu aasai irukkum! Periyavanga-na relatives mattuma? Ellarum! Blogging community and friends too..

Aana mukka vaasi paeru Chennai-la illama poitaanga

Paravala. Adhukkum idea vechurukaen. Move your mouse over the pictures for details.

Paravala. I know how much of trouble ur computer might have given u. Adha medhikka idhaan orae chance! Kaala vechaacha?

Ok. Ippo naan kaala thottu unga blessings vaangeeten.

Err.. kaal-la vizhundhu blessings vaangina, blessings oda kaasum kudukanam-nu oru rule irukku-la?
Adhuvum made possible thanks to a brilliant idea from Uma. Anga rendu G.A theriyudha right-la? Aamam. Adhe thaan. Adhula oru click. Thank you!

May you have a happy and prosperous year ahead of you! Happy New Year again, thamizh (and malayalam) makkale!!

For the benefit of those who haven't understood a word I said. :)

Well, it's jus that I really really respect elders :D and I'd like to get their blessings. That's why I've put up those 2 markers. Step on it, and I'll touch it and get ur blessings! And New Year blessings are like Buy One Get One Free offers. Along with the blessings come err.. well.. hehe.. money! *scratches head. grins like an idiot*
And the best way I could get ur "blessings" is by well.. G.A! :P

Happy New Year!