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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Move Over Mr. PC Sriram..

* U P D A T E D ! *

I'm well on my way to take ur place! :P

The Bloggers' Meet was pretty interesting. Here's why!

If they remove the "y", rest assured, they'd have a regular patron in me! :)

Idea photography! :P

Better idea photography! :D Pathetic execution.. don't blame me.. blame the road!

Cute dog, huh? :) (the one on the left!!)

No you aren't drunk! :) Zoom effect-la clarity poiduthu.. but meet the tree that textile ppl worship..
The Banian Tree (sic!) :)

And oh. this was the stupid nail that tore a li'l hole in my shirt!

For more sensible snaps(!!), drop into Praveen's blog :) You can expect a super write-up from the MoM expert! Also check out Nirenjan's (funny!) and Sandhya's (contagiously enthu!) versions of the meet..

Updated (April 11) :

Here's Shiva's take on the Bloggers' Meet. Ellara pathayum mention pannraaru soleetu enna pathi onnum sollala! :)
Anyways, Copy-Pasted from his mail.. here goes..


Hi people !! St. Thomas Mount trip or group dating or blog meeting eppadi ???
First i would like to sincerely thank sophia ( soap illa sopy nejama thaan ).
The amazing thing about u guys is that every one was koool !!! Here is my postmortem report about each & every person... Hold ur breath!
Lets start from Mr.Ravi.... Ravi is the one who picked me up frm my place. He is
very formal and infact said sorry for having come 3.5 minutes late! Hey yellarum ore rejent party aah keeranga? except me every one was formal !
I have to mention about 2 kids ( Sandy & her friend Arvind) aiyooo, before sandy left she said " can we leave, mom is waiting" for the 21st time and left saying she would meet everyone next year! ( then naanga mattum vetty officer aah?) then i tried to irritate her, but she was very cool & never got angry. Then this silent boy Praveen.. I got suspicious since he was silent frm the beginning.
There was a white t shirt gal in the church.. am 100% sure , u guys 100% seen her! ( he heee)
This Praveen was watching which i was watching. 2 guys frm HCL (Nirenjan and Sudhir): they looked like NASA scientists.. they have that arivu jeevi look! One guy (Shekhar) was silent throughout! Chandru was watching aeroplanes!!
and 2 absentees ! Prominent one being malaysia ponnu ! for the sake of rhyme , madam,can we call you as malay mayil ? And another poor guy anbu who never made it to the hilltop.
Thanks harish for posting my message ! ok guys n gals ... expect regular splashing writings frm me... free fair fearless !