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Friday, April 22, 2005

Great news!

It's almost like a movie... you're looking down the barrel, and all of a sudden, all seemingly obstinate knots smoothen out by themselves to give you that happy ending! :)

Got 3 great news.. One for myself, one for a huge bunch of Bloggers, and one for one of my favourite bloggers!

1. Lemme be selfish, and get this outta the way first. My practicals are over. The OOPs Lab went like a dream, where for the first time in my life I was so well prepared for a lab exam, the fact that it was a semester exam didn't sink in till after I came out of the lab. I was confident enough to handle any qn they threw at me, sailed through the code, got a perfect output, helped quite a few out with THEIR codes, and the thing that took me most by surprise - I answered EVERY question in Viva! Until he asked me the last qn - What is an algorithm?
I thought he was trying to catch me offguard, but told him what it was anyways. And then he went on to say, "Adhaan step by step procedure-nu solrae-la? Aparam yaen Algorithm-la nee Step 1, Step 2-nu podaama Star Star-a bullet poturukkae?"... And struck out the Algo! :( Did I say "went like a dream"? Make that a nightmare!
But my lab in-charge gave me a considerate nod, that meant all was well in the end. Phew! :)

My Electronic Circuits lab was even funnier (to me!)... This was one lab where I've NEVER done an experiment before, thanks to this (my batch, remember?). I had no clue about what I'd do, and I was slotted in the afternoon batch. The morning batch students came back looking pretty dejected and said nothing worked and the Viva was sheer torture! I even saw a few teary-eyed faces. All until I picked up a comparitively easy experiment, connected all the components, and switched it on to get the most beautiful output on the CRO I've seen in my life! Ivalo build-up ku, chappuna mudinjuduchu! 10 mins flat, my experiment was over! I was grilled with at least some 30 qns, to which I kept blabbering answers, to which she kept nodding her head and saying saying "correct"... hehehe, Dame Luck was being extremely kind on me! :)

2. Oops.. konjam emosans aaitaen! Didn't expect the 1st news to be this long! :) But here's great news for all of you using the shoutbox from Shoutmix. Snecx, the owner/creator of the shoutbox had done such a brilliant work with it that, not surprisingly, the number of shoutmix users ballooned up by the day. He ran into trouble when he had to change servers to accommodate the growing demand. And the guys running the new server complained this was eating up their resources. Things reached a point where he had no other choice but to give up on it. But enter "Exabyte Network", and things are looking up now. They've agreed to sponsor Shoutmix, albeit with a few changes like li'l text ads... But it's alright Snecx, we don't mind. I'm bloody excited that my Scribbler is staying for good! Thanks dude.

3. And the happiest news of the lot. If you've been following SK's blog, you'd have got to read some awesome posts. With her inimitable style of writing, heartfelt and extremely simple and down-to-earth, she earned herself a fan in me! :)
And even as she reminisced about her past, she got me hooked to her story with her simple, flowing narration. Check these out..

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And today, she's getting married! To K, the hero of her (real-life) story! :)

Here's wishing you a Happy Married Life, SK! You rock!