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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Anniyan - the moojic

Gotta say this first up.. I wrote this in a mail to my friends :), so apadi ipadi irundha no mind! And yeah, I can't quite tolerate Harris Jeyraj. (I'll explain why in another blog! :D)


The only HJ album I've looked fwd to!

1st impression. Lacks the Rahman touch. Before u go "DUH!! That's obvious!", naan solla vandhadhu was this.. Rahman took care to make sure that all the songs he gave Shankar sounded different, were in a different dimension from what he gave the others. Mood, tune.. none of it seemed like his older compositions. Anniyan apadi illai.

That's the main grouse I have in Anniyan. Otherwise, the tunes are not bad at all..

+ the fast folksy Shankar number.

- Why the hell do they twist their mouths like that?! Absolutely hate it when HJ resorts to getting his singers to sing with their nose and open their mouths unnaturally wide to try get that folk effect. Wish he'd stop doing that. (He did that in Kovil and Arul too)

Iyengaaru veetu azhage:
first 1:22 mins, no comments! :)
+ nice transition after that :)
+ cool singing and modulation by Hariharan
+ Harini andha brahmin vaarthaigal scene-a telling!

- Sounds like "Manam Virumbudhey" from Naerukku Naer! Becomes very evident when they sing "thathi thagathigu"!!

Kannum Kannum Nokia:
In one word - Pathetic! What the hell was HJ thinking?
+ positives-ku romba thedinaen.. hmmm, the English words are pronounced naturally. :) That's the only positive i cud make of it!!

- Rehash of his "So so sonaali" from Chellamey. very very evident from 2:06 to 2:25
- Rahman comes up with songs like Hello Doctor too.. but not for a Shankar film! :(

Kaadhal Yaanai:
I like the mood of the song. Sounds pretty funky.
+ he's used the kinda ularings that he used before "Thoodhu Varuma".. me likey! :)
+ The Rap-HipHop thingy in the middle's pretty cool too.

- Sounds like Seriya Thavara (12B) at times.. (3:49 - 4:03 for example)
- The singers try to be too nonchalant while singing, n that gets on my nerves! :)
(You might say that's needed if u want the song to sound cool n classy.. Enakkoru Girlfriend was natural, yet classy!)

My favourite song of the album.. (For now!!) :)
+ Brilliant use of instruments. The instruments, especially the piano flourishes and the guitar strummings are very very Rahmanesque. HJ's done a nice job. :)
+ Nice Jazzy feel when Harini makes her entry..

- Sounds like En Uyir Thozhiye (Kanngalaal Kaidhu Sei) at times.. for instance, the tiny veenai effect at 2:14 (hehe.. nitpicking at its best!), the singing at so many places!
- The "Nasal open-and-close-mouth in an exaggerated manner" effect repeated. :)

Stranger in Black:
has this Gothic feel to it..
+ The theme for the evil Vikram i guess.. brings the mood out pretty well..

- engayo keta maathiri irukku. Or mebbe it's jus my prejudice against HJ!! :)

Reviewed while listening to it for the 3rd time. Opinion may change on more listening! :D