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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wise old kid

I've had a taste of feeling all grown up AND feeling like a child. Both on the same day. Feels weird.

The first incident was kinda cute. I was pedalling my way home from my friend's house when a kid gestured as if asking for a lift. He looked hardly 5 yrs old, and was walking all alone in the sun. But his gesture made me feel kinda important! Someone was actually making a cyclist feel significant!

I couldn't bring myself to ignore the kid and pedal on. So I stopped. The kid was taken aback. It seemed pretty evident from his reaction that he didn't expect me to stop. He came upto me with a shy smile on his face, and gave me the hitch-hike thumb again. I smiled back and asked him, "enga poganam?"

He cleared his throat, pulled himself to full height, and squeaked, "thaatha vootukku poganam". I controlled my impulse to laugh and asked him, "adhu seri.. aana un thaatha veedu enga irukku?"

He looked me in the eye and with a voice ringing with conviction, said, "thaatha kitta kaetu solraen".

I must have laughed a tad too loudly. The poor kid got scared and ran away.
I don't know why.. but it made me feel so grown up. Weird how my mind behaves.

Then came the Bloggers' Meet in the evening. (You can expect snaps on Ferrari's and Praveen's blogs)

Do you remember how it felt when you uttered your first word and your parents looked at you with fierce pride even as friends and relatives rejoiced? I don't remember.

But I did get a vague idea of how it must have felt. Every syllable I uttered was greeted with Oohs and Aahs and surprised exclamations - "Hey! Look! He's talking!!".

Felt like a li'l kid under a rather bright spotlight!

That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the attention! :P It was kinda fun in its own way!