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Sunday, March 06, 2005

That's sad, Rad...

This is jus' a rant of a disgruntled fan.
I don't even know if I can call myself a fan anymore.

I consider her one of the most talented singers in the Tamil Cine Scene.

Two options diverged in her mind,
And sorry she could choose only one
And as a singer, she tried to find
The music for which people pined
She ended up choosing the one more fun;

- Auto DeFrost

cha! kadupulayum nakkal adikaama irukka mudiyala!

It's about my (then) favourite singer, Anuradha Sriram. Bitter memories came rushing back as I saw her on SCV, in a live phone-in show. (Every show in SCV is a live phone-in show. But never mind that.)

I still remember her lilting rendition of Acham Acham Illai from Indira. (It played on my winamp just minutes before. If I don't remember, I must be suffering from a particularly severe attack of Alzheimer's.) The breezy, almost casual way of singing as the song begins... Beauuutiful! But the song is by no means easy to sing. (My sis said that. Naan paatu paadi risk ellam edukka maaten!) Her final alaap still rings in my ear. A dream debut.

Rahman made sure he gave her songs that extracted the best out of her.
Anbendra Mazhaiyile - Minsara Kanavu
Ishq Bina - Taal

Paavam. It was Rahman who brought her to the centrestage. Gave her the best songs. But somehow, I felt she didn't give him due credit. Hmmm, mebbe I'm expecting too much. But... oh, never mind!

I was aghast when her hubby, in an interview, said, "It's high time Chennai shook itself off the Rahmans". Or something to that effect. And she nodded. It was kinda sad.

But what was sadder, was that she chose to fritter away her talent. The landslide started with Karuppu thaan enakku pidicha colour-u. It was a catchy song, agreed. But that slotted her. She was doomed to sing errrr.. how do I put it? ..yeah, Local songs. No offense meant to the local paadalgal, but in my opinion, it's too frivolous a genre to waste a talent like that.

I'm too sad to continue.( !! ) I'll jus list a few songs.

Malae Malae
O podu - Gemini
Apadi podu - Gillli
Daii Kaiya vechukittu summa iru da - Giri (??)
Kootaanchoru - Aayudham
Polaachi Elaneere - Attagaasam
Kai Kai - Bhagavathy
Thundai Kaanom - Devathayai Kanden
Dubukku Dubukku - Giri
Pothuvaa Palarukku 10 maasam - Jana
Elandha Pazham - Madurey

[editted. Still open for more updates!! danx curryleaf and Maverick!]
(err.. what a time to have a memory block! what else has she sung?)