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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Riding a crest...


I don't know how to say this. I suck when it comes to blowing my own trumpet. (romba film kaatara maathiri irukka? kandukaadhenga!)
I didn't wanna blog about these at all. But, hehe, nothing else to blog about. So idhaye sollaraen.
(Warning : Oscar acceptance speech maathiri irundha, sorry!!)

The past couple of months has been pretty good by my standards. Starting with the Siddhartha Basu Quiz, it's been uphill. I'm not superstitious, but I'm not taking chances either. Touchwood!

Getting shortlisted to 50 out of 400 teams seemed an achievement by itself. (Figures not accurate. But something around that range! I like nice round numbers!) But cracking the prefinals too and getting called onto stage in the Nehru Stadium by Siddhartha Basu seemed like a dream come true! I did have my customary share of embarrassments. Somebody in the organising committee switched our names on the table. Imagine Siddhartha Basu coming upto you and saying "Hi Aparna!" in front of a massive crowd in the Nehru Stadium. You'll know how red I must have gone in the face! But in the end, coming 5th didn't seem to bad at all.

There are still a lotta ppl in my class who don't know I went to Coimbatore.

The next news was perhaps the most satisfying. I cleared all subjects in my semester exams. But it also made me feel guilty. epadi irundha naan, ipadi aaitaen.

The 10000 hits came next. Thank you all!

I used to be (and still am, to an extent) extremely shy. I'd dread meeting new people. Blogging really has helped me overcome that. Not that I've transformed into someone who yaks nineteen to a dozen. But hey, ippo at least I open my mouth! (Ferrari and Praveen know how painfully shy I was. Ippo naan better-la?)

I've not been sent outta class for quite a while now. hehe..

I saw what "hard-work" meant. I saw my friends giving it their all for the dance they were plannin to perform at the culturals. I saw swollen knees, bleeding soles... I also saw pain in their eyes. I was moved. I really really wanted to help them in whichever way I could. I jus' hope I didn't end up being a pain in their you-know-whats.

I saw them win 3rd prize. Congrats guys! It's a start.

We won the quiz at the culturals.

Damn this is getting way too long... I'll stop with this. I promise!

I was really surprised when Ferrari showed me a link. I don't know how I got into the 100 Most Influential Blogs in India list! I don't know if I deserve the honour. I learnt later that it's based on how many ppl blogroll me. That took me by surprise even more. Thank you very much, people! And that's a very sincere "Thank You".. believe me!

Praveen and Ferrari, you can tease me about this later.
I told them I wouldn't blog about this!