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Friday, March 04, 2005


No wait. Don't head for the dictionary already. It was jus my way of saying "mixed emotions". :)


I think I'm in love. With that Shoutbox of mine! In spite of its rather plain look, there's something about it that's got me hooked. Besides, I did put in quite some effort to get it up and working.

Funnily enough, I seem to be the only one commenting on it!


Watched Black today. I'd gone with sky-high expectations. I mean, everywhere I go, I hear ppl saying "It's the best movie I've seen".

But somehow, inspite of its technical brilliance and some really neat performances, it didn't strike a chord in me. I did find the effort laudable. And I did see the audience give the movie an ovation as the credits rolled (It deserved the applause, and it was the 1st time I've seen such a thing happen!). But somehow, I couldn't bring myself to clap. I felt like I was on anaesthetics. I certainly am not as pathetic to have an emotional range of a tea-spoon. But somehow, the film didn't get its feel-good factor across to me as, say, a Swades or even an Azhagiya Theeye did. Now let that not make u think the movie's bad. It certainly is not. Quite a lotta ppl would vouch for that.

Grrr.. I'm getting nowhere. The thing is - I'm having mixed emotions about it. So there!

Word of Caution : Don't watch it with a big gang of friends. This is a kinda movie ur better off watching alone.


But a potentially embarassing situation did happen today!
There are a coupla gals in my class with the same name. (Actually we have loads of ppl with same names.. but for now we're concerned with only these two!)
Let's call them g1 and g2. (Damn!! I suck at trying to maintain anonymity!) :)

So anyways, one of them has a cellphone. The other doesn't.
I call the first one "Ganja" for reasons best known to me. I'm yet to think of a nickname for the other!

I got a pretty funny (read : A rated) fwd. And I dutifully started forwarding it to everyone.

*flashback : yesterday*
me : hey, I think should stop calling you Ganja.
g1 : Why??
me : Coz I jus found out that Ganja in Urdu means bald!

*cut to today morning*
I was "requested" to change her nick on my cell. I decided to respect her feelings and changed the damn nick. It might have also been coz her request sounded more like a death threat, but the prev sentence made me look like a nice guy, didn't it? :)

*zoom back to the time when I'm busy fwding the "funny" msg*
So there I was, being such a committed "forwarder"... And by force of habit, I pressed G and selected SEND. That's what I do to send messages to g1 coz her name's stored as Ganja (the first name on the G list).

You can imagine my horror when I saw a Delivery Report that said :
"Message delivered to g2 Dad"

My forehead turned bright red coz I was doing this --> all afternoon. And I surely slap my forehead a lot harder than that! I felt like an idiot. I wanted to shrink into oblivion.

I started breathing normally again only after I learnt that, by some freaky stroke of luck, g2's dad had left his cell behind and she read the fwd before her dad did. PHEW!!

meotoins strikes again!